Latest Super Good Things

Proponent of sleek and minimalist design, Good Thing gathers seven sophisticated products for its new collection.


Harmonia Artist Residence [São Paulo]

The project in Harmonia Street by Triptyque Architecture is a unique view of what it is called a “living building”. Located in the west s…


Colorful FLOAT Soap Is Inspired By Art

FLOAT is a unique soap brand conceived by Wang Min that takes bath time seriously. The soaps are wrapped into a folding box made of singl…


The Space NYC [Brooklyn]

The Space NYC is a storefront, workshop and highly-curated showroom located in Brooklyn, NY. It also serves as a brand incubator and exhi…


Aire De Bardenas Hotel [Spain]

Somewhere in the middle of a wheat field, minutes away from the Natural Park of the Bardenas of Navarra, stands a sleek, minimal hotel co…


Zodiac Signs By Vacaliebres

Vacaliebres aka Alberto Vacca Lepri is an enigmatic artist and graphic designer from Genova, Italy. His ‘Zodiac Signs’ series…


Folklorious Botanical Identity

Folklorious is a brand of cool-hunted accessories from all over the world. Elevating new, little-known designers, it is a self-proclaimed…


5 Trends From Maison & Objet 2017

Maison & Objet Paris is in full swing, as over 3000 leading international brands of the interiors market have gathered to…


Everybody Deserves a ‘Petit Plaisir’

Presented in a cheerful and beautifully branded box, the chocolates ‘Petit Plaisir’ (‘a little treat’) are handmade candies covered with …


Chicho Gelato is a Modern Gelateria

Looking a bit like an Italian espresso bar, Chicho Gelato is a Gelateria that propose fantastic daily churned gelato, rotating up to 20 f…