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A Rustic Beach Cottage in Denmark

This stunning 1885 beach home is only 20 minutes drive from Copenhagen and has so many wonderful features such exposed beams, bright spac…


Envisions: Products in Process

Dutch collective Envisions returned with a second chapter of experimental works that emphasizes the step before the final outcome, withou…


Decaying Rugs by Lizan Freijsen

Passionate about decomposition of organic matter since childhood, Dutch artist Lizan Freijsen has studied these signs of time and life to…


The Madero Cafe [Guatemala City]

The Madero Cafe appears as a giant red cube next to one of the busiest highway in Guatemala City. Designed by Taller KEN, The Madero Cafe…


Odette Restaurant [Singapore]

Designed by Sacha Leong of Universal Design Studio, the interior reflects Chef Julien Royer’s approach of keeping the integrity of ingred…