Butchers Are All the Hype
  In the past few years, the understanding of what a butcher is has been subject to change by the perspectives of different designers, who are playing on our experience as costumers.


Storage Design Serves as Furniture in this Japanese Loft
Yo Shimada of Tato Architects takes a 1,000 square foot living space on three floors in Itami, Japan and uses his Japanese sensibility to find the most practical and design conscious solution to bringing this space to life.


Typographic Sculptures by Fabrice Le Nezet
Fabrice Le Nezet’s work explores the intersection between Architecture, Fashion and Toys Design through the use of raw material such as concrete and metal. Recognizable in his work is the pure, clean and graphical aesthetic combined with playful qualities.


Tiny Printed Matter
Shiny Confetti Party Invitations   The Tiny Prints ethos is that style is expressed in every gesture. As SS’15 catwalks continue, the liquid metallics trend is certainly one to invest in and one that can be applied to lifestyle, home décor and stationery too.


Prescription Beer Branding
Peter Jostrand created the irresistible Prescription Beer, a premium pilsner ranging from high to low alcohol potency depending on the day of the week. Sunday is a day off.