David Taylor’s Concrete Conglomerates

Stockholm-based designer David Taylor combines post-industrial waste and precious metal to create products of graphic amalgamation. After graduating from Swedish design school Konstfack in 1999, the self-described metal craftsman began experimenting with inexpensive materials like concrete, brass and steel after silver prices escalated. While concrete and brass dominate the bulk of the design, the product is elevated by accenting with silver and copper. Each piece has a unique personality and makes a statement, refreshing amidst the ocean of mass production. Taylor’s signature style is his use of unexpected materials that feel modern and cohesive, executed with precision and creativity.

For more information, visit www.superdave.se

Concrete conglomerate contemporary design David Taylor mixed material product design
Ashley Schulzetenberg

Year Born:1982
Location: Minneapolis // How many hours a day are you on the web? 8-9
Last cool project you worked on: global advertising campaign
Best place to eat in your neighborhood: 112 Eatery
Coolest person you know personally: Cleo, my shiba inu
Top 3 Places: NYC. Venice and Cinque Terre, Italy.
best hotel/place you visit last year: Reykjavik, Iceland
Next destination: Paris
Generation favorite: Lisa Frank

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