David Slijper’s Photography

david slipjper photograhy-3

” I like women to be real, like them to be beautiful, and I like them to have composition”, said British photographer David Slijper in a backstage interview for a Natalie Portman shoot. Though Slijper is mostly known for shooting fashion photography his approach is m......

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     Have you ever thought an image speaks volumes about the photographer…I
    do. This can be totally up for discussion – but I think looking at
    these images I can post this.As pretty as these images are they are also
    distant, cold and remote (in their own way lifeless.)My teacher said
    the essence of art is to capture the soul. I feel like this photographer
    carefully drained the women of their “soul” in these pictures.
    look like mannequins and although I appreciate the concept of his
    images as “controlled visions”. Isn’t the essence of women that we are
    totally uncontrolled, unpredictable and emotional isnt that what makes a
    woman have strength.

    Yes, I’m a art student and yes, I realize
    this is just an editorial photographer not a contemporary artist in the
    slightest. And, I know fashion photography often is perceived as
    simplistic and totally unconceptual  (I see that with the idea of
    “controlled images” it’s a one trick pony as a marketing ploy.) BUT some
    fashion photography captures the moment, has power and emotion. I for
    example I really like Erik Ogden he even had his work in a gallery. I
    like his photos because you feel like he capture his subjects in such a
    way you also feel like you know them. I feel this photographer likes to
    re-create his subjects but in such away you realize its more a
    reflection of him. If I was going to go all CSI on this you almost see
    him all by himself in some super sterile environment and some sort of
    huge insecurity about needed to feel in control of women.