Sonar | Primavera : Beyond the Festivites
  In the midst of the metropolis of Barcelona emerge two of the world’s most re-known music & cultural festivals in Primavera & Sonar. Founded by Spaniards and held in their back yard, beyond just providing a playground for musicians, artists, fans, scientific entrepreneurs, and creatives of all walks to indulge their spirits, these festivals […]


Minimalist Mountain Lodge In Morocco
Architects Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty keep offices in Paris and Marrakech—which is probably why they are experts in blending Eastern and Western architecture. Working on luxury projects for the likes of the Hermes family, their firm Studio KO designed this minimalist mountain lodge in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.


El Fenn Boutique Hotel [Marrakech]
Brits Vanessa Branson and Howell James turned an old riad in Marrakech into a luxury boutique hotel, El Fenn. The once-crumbling palatial grounds have since been restored to a complex of three swimming pools


The Line Hotel LA
  Sydell Group’s latest establishment, The Line, is a magnificent addition to their rockstar roster of hotel hotspots. Located in Korea town in downtown LA, the hotel boasts 9 different types of rooms, a five star restaurant, and Poketo store (among the obvious pool deck and such).


13 Rooms by The Edgar Hotel
Written by Mateus Andrade   The Edgar Hotel, based in Paris, presents 13 rooms each designed to offer a singular experience. An interesting trend growing around the world is the conceptual hotel with very few rooms


Casa Lola, A Dreamy House in Brazil
This is not a Hamptons beach house. Jan Eleni Lemonedes and Ronnie Stam became enamored with Trancoso after a visit there with friends. Built originally as their dreamy bohemian home in Brazil, Casa Lola, surrounded by mango trees and filled with artisan crafts from the couple’s travels, is now a stunning and tranquil guest house with […]


Hotel Zenden, Netherlands
Built by Wiel Arets Architects, Hotel Zenden is a minimalist’s ideal place to rest his head. Located near the river Maas in Maastricht, Netherlands, the hotel is comprised of nine rooms, a pool, a lounge, and a patio. The concept of the project