Minamishima, Melbourne
The art of sushi is a complex and intriguing one given the minimalistic nature of the ingredients.


Seymour+: A Tech-Free Space in Paris
SEYMOUR+ is a haven for the mind, providing visitors with the peace and quiet they need, especially those traveling and […]


DRIFT San Jose: An Urban Rustic Getaway
DRIFT, the name inspired by the idea of “wandering aimlessly” is a brand for young independent travelers. Located in the […]


Beer The Swedish Way
“Beer” at Spiritmuseum in Stockholm is an exhibit dedicated to the culture of making and drinking beer, with a focus […]


Casa Cau Apartments
Casa Cau takes the concept of doing what makes one happy to heart and created a concept to whole-heartedly allow […]


Paris Generator Hostel
From Barcelona to Venice and Copenhagen, Generator Hostels are known for their sophisticated, design-forward properties.


The Test Kitchen’s Creative Cuisine
The Test Kitchen is Cape Town’s most innovative an creative break from fine dining convention.