13 Rooms by The Edgar Hotel
Written by Mateus Andrade   The Edgar Hotel, based in Paris, presents 13 rooms each designed to offer a singular […]


Casa Lola, A Dreamy House in Brazil
This is not a Hamptons beach house. Jan Eleni Lemonedes and Ronnie Stam became enamored with Trancoso after a visit […]


Hotel Zenden, Netherlands
Built by Wiel Arets Architects, Hotel Zenden is a minimalist’s ideal place to rest his head. Located near the river Maas in Maastricht, […]


9 Hours Capsule Hotel in Tokyo
The following equation underpins the 9h capsule hotel: 1 hour shower + 7 hours to sleep + 1 hour rest […]


Sextantio le Grotte dela Civita, Italy
For some, a quick trip to Miami for some R&R is enough to satisfy their travel craving. For others, nothing […]


Private Costa del Sol Escape
Far from the clutches of a touristy resort, Villa Mandarina is a lovely private respite-for-rent in the South of Spain’s […]


Hotel Kazbegi Georgia
Kazbegi Rooms is the first project of the Rooms Hotel Chain. Situated in the Caucasus region of Kazbegi Georgia, the […]