Hotel Cycle by Suppose Design Studio
    Day after day our habits change and one of the most recent modifications in the way we live in the city is the increasingly popular use of the bicycles. But Suppose Design Studio created an entire complex dedicated to bicycles and their respective users.


Guatemala Beach House
The Guatemala Beach House project is located on the site of a 1950’s beachside development on the Pacific coast of the country. An area that keeps slowly evolving and expanding outwards to the sea.


Praktik Bakery Hotel in Barcelona
Praktik Bakery Hotel is one of several in the Praktik portfolio of hotels. The emphasis is of course, on luxury accommodations, as well as freshly baked bread made onsite. 


Hotel SP34 in Copenhagen
Hotel SP34 from the Brøchner group, located closely to the Latin Quarter on the Rasmussen Town Hall Square, doesn’t go unnoticed for the tourists that walk in the streets of Copenhagen.


The Marlton House
The Marlton House is full of stories. Once a home to legendary artists in the 1950’s like Jack Kerouac, Maggie Smith and Carmen McRae, it more recently served as a dormitory for The New School, with students often refusing to leave for years after they had graduated.


Cruise the Amazon with Aqua Expeditions
The mention of the Amazon river conjures excitement, wonder, even fear. With a basin covering about 7,000,000 square kilometers, the idea of exploring any part of it is indeed overwhelming (more like mind blowing). Aqua Expeditions makes feasible the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the magnificent body of water.


Casa do Conto in Porto, Portugal
Casa do Conto arts&residence, is a boutique hotel located in Porto, Portugal, designed by the architectural office Pedra Líquida.  The hotel’s design combines contemporary spirit with lush interior finishes, giving life to a beautiful nineteenth century house through a restoration process.