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No More Plugs with POKKET Mixer

Berlin based company Pokket Gmbh has come out with a a seriously clever and fun device for music lovers and party rockers.


The Trendland App is Here!

Our iPhone and iPod app is finally here! Now you can surf Trendland’s infinite wave of trends anytime, in the palm of your hand.


A Million Times by Humans since 1982

This cutting-edge installation brought to life by the brilliant minds of Per Emanuelsson & Bastian Bischoff will have all clocks cre…


Mercedes #Untamed: Instagram Competition

Always on the forefront of technology and creativity, Mercedes-Benz launches a new project/competition named #Untamed. It is the first di…


3D Printed Record by Amanda Ghassaei

Amanda Ghassaei succeeded to create a vinyl with a 3D printer that can be played on a regular record player and can as well print convert…