Apple Products Price Drop Dramatically

A $100 iPhone, $800 MacBook or $25 iPod shuffle could be hitting Apple stores the day after Thanksgiving — if analysts’ predictions are correct.
Barclays Capital expects Apple to price its gadgets very competitively for Black Friday, a consumer holiday when stores sell products at dramatically discounted prices…


Track Her With GPS Bra and Panties?!

Feminists have got their frilly, alluring, cherry-flavored thongs in a bunch over a new line of underwear released by sexy techie cum lingerie designer Lucia Lorio of Brazil. They think the line equates to a modern day chastity belt …


Skull Ring USB Key

Its not really my taste but im sure some of you will like it. GeekStuff4U is offering some pretty nifty, hand-crafted, skull-shaped USB flash drives that can be worn as rings. The $156 price-tag may ward off non-geeks, but that’s the point. This item is only for people really committed to transferring data in style. lol


Plastic Newspaper

The plastic electronic newspaper has gone from concept to reality in the last year. A scientist at Cambridge University tried replacing the silicon chips we use in most screens (think iPhone) with plastic. The result is a lightweight and super durable screen….


The Pocket Cinema

Do you feel like showing your photos or videos on a wall ? The Pocket Cinema is here for you ( and for $525 ) the features includes a built-in stereo speaker, capable of projecting a 50 inches wide picture onto the wall. Other features projection image size 6″ – 50″, play the JPEG, MP4 and MP3 files, 1GB Internal memory, built in SD/MMC card slot, AV-out. Its lithium battery can play about 1 hour from a full charge. I like I like !


The Shiro SQ: Solar Powered Media

Shiro’s SQ media player takes a sustainable approach to playing your mp3s and videos. On the rear panel of the SQ, a solar cell generates electricity from direct sunlight– enough to fully charge the unit in four hours. Beyond the stardard mp3/wav/wma playback, the Shiro SQ also includes…


BlackBerry Storm – Touch Screen

Like a big Storm in the BlackBerry World, here is the new touch screen, direct competition with the Iphone, The BlackBerry Storm (9500) includes a full HTML finger-navigable browser, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint editing capabilities, Bluetooth 2.0, 1GB of on-board storage with an 8GB microSD card bundled in the… MORE pics & Video after the jump


Louis Vuitton x Iphone

Luxury Brand Louis Vuitton already made a case for the Ipod, He couldn’t resist to dress the new Iphone with his brand new pattern the ” Damier Graphite “. Pretty clean and classy, I’m sure a lot of you will probably go for it ! Price : $250


T-Mobile Google Phone

Today T-Mobile G1 with Google announces the T-Mobile G1 ($179; October 22). The first phone powered by Android, an Google’s mobile software platform. The T-Mobile G1 included a … [ MORE ]


Leica M8.2 Digital Rangefinder Camera

Leica have stumped up with a new digital version of the classic M8 rangefinder, after their original M8 upgrade program, and dubbed it the M8.2. The company obviously subscribes to the “don’t mess with a classic” design philosophy, so there’s not much to see in the way of changes here but they are there…. [more pics after the jump]


Lick Your Way to a Better Day

Have you ever imagined that you could lick on a lollipop and change the way you think? I am not talking about some illegal hallucinogenic drug, but a legal way to changing…


Blackberry News

Just to keep you updated to on the latest Blackberry News, We already reviewed the Blackberry Bold :
So two new models will show up as well before December :


I am Rich Icon ! For Iphone & Ipod

This is Stupid, Useless but its a good idea !
I Am Rich is an iPhone/Ipod application that will cost you €799,99 or $999.99. Its description:
The red icon on your iPhone or iPod touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were able to afford this.
It’s a work of art with no hidden function at all.

Timeless Watch by Ondrej Vaclavik

Czech designer Ondrej Vaclavik has designed the ‘timeless watch’, a digital watch and usb combined.
the idea for the ‘timeless watch’ was to incorporate time and information. the watch is lightweight and
will be able to be charged when connected to a notebook or computer. the watch is not available to
buy yet as it still a prototype. from ‘timeless watch’ by ondrej vaclavik


LiveScribe Pen

The smartest pen you’ll ever need not to write with. Check out their movie demo.

PSP mashup Sidekick

What a cool idea Samuel Lau had to mashup the Psp Slim and a Sidekick !!
Looks pretty decent and features a 3.2 megapixel cam round back, full frontal webcam action and the most notable aspect. a slide-up QWERTY keyboard! … more pics after the jump


Luxury vs Technology – Philips usb key

I think this is a great idea, and although this item is relatively inexpensive ( $180 ), it has made me think about the relationship between technology and luxury. Philips x Swarovski usb key comes in 3 styles. They made some really cool earphones as well… more pics after the jump


Bentley LapTop

Bentley and Ego Lifestyle’s new product – Ego Bentley Laptop. Put the car logo on the laptop, luxurious laptop! Each is hand built, with authentic Bentley cross-over hand-stitching. It features …


BlueTooth Umbrella, Hey Why Not?

Pretty cool idea for this Umbrella! It is simply an umbrella with a bluetooth enabled handle for handsfree operation with your mobile phone. It also doubles as…


New Iphone 3G

We was waiting for the Iphone, Hopefully it will be a little better , especially the internet features… will see… The new design is pretty cool…


Dior Black Diamond Phone

The luxury mobile phone market just keeping upping the game. Dior has just announced their latest handset which moves the bar into an almost


Gold Mac again : The Airbook

After the Gold Powerbook that we talk about few months ago, Its time for the MacBook Air and an other company :Computer Choppers. They’re the guys behind …


New Blackberry Bold

Finally a new BlackBerry i Like . They say it should be release today on May 12th, Its called the Blackberry Bold ( aka 9000 ) with 3g system, mp3, gps, wifi all the option you need….


Wooden Clamp USB

It’s name is Spinacz – the USB Flash Driver deisgned in the form of typical wooden clamp. It can be easily fastened to clothes, thus forming an amusing decoration …


ILuv- Bling Bling

Need to be seen ? What do you think about the iLuv i82GLD for iPhone ? include the Ear Clips with Inline Volume Control and Holster Case for $80, pretty Pimpin !!


ReNESED : NES redesign

Even though I have all of the NES games ( Roms ) on my Ipod touch, Javier Segovia’s a digital artist from Spain, redesigned the Nintendo Entertainment System ( NES ) and


Awaseba : The Virtual Fitting Room

Online shoppers have been waiting for this: a software application that allows users to virtually try-on clothing and accessories on their personal computer. Now Avielon Co. is debuting one, called Awaseba. The product is being marketed to online retailers, who can then feature the Awaseba service on their sites. A one-year rental fee for the program costs ¥630,000 (about $6,000)…

Virus Newton for Mac

Introducing virtual gravity. A Funny Virus, created just for fun. Nothing dangerous…

Prototype of Future Laptop

Japanese Designer come up with this prototype of the Sony Vaio – I love it and we are going for sure in this direction of design and Technology…