3D Printed Record by Amanda Ghassaei
Amanda Ghassaei succeeded to create a vinyl with a 3D printer that can be played on a regular record player and can as well print converted mp3s to the printed object. A new step in the 3D printing technique to discover in video below.


Lowdi: The Wireless Speaker that you need!
Lowdi is a beautiful wireless speaker that turns any phone, tablet or mobile device into a portable sound system, with a gorgeous branding and an amazing sound, Lowdi is the smallest wireless speaker around, measuring no longer than a pencil and half as high. It even comes with everything it needs to work straight out […]

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Marjan van Aubel’s Energy Collection
This awesome solar glassware project by Marjan van Aubel gathers energy from the light around it. Whether you are drinking from your glass or have left it on the side, it is constantly working to gather energy. The solar cells are completely integrated into the objects themselves, a unique self-sufficient system. When you


Inside the Internet at Google’s Data Centers
Although it still baffles me the scope of data and media that is kept on the vast repository that is the internet, I am confident that the people over at Google are privy to some pretty interesting information. From Finland to Iowa to Oregon, Google’s data centers house routers and switches, fiber optic lines, drives […]


Comme des Garçons Moving Six iPad app
Japanese brand Comme des Garçons explored the sixth sense through photography, illustration and artwork creating an eight issues of the unstapled A3 magazine called Six. Today, Comme des Garçons has launched an iPad app fusing today’s technologies with the 1988-1991 series. The app entails highlights of

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Meze 55 Headphones
For an attractive, high quality set of headphones that won’t break the bank, we really like the Meze 55. Although we favor different brands and models for looks, after we tried out the 55 we found them to be very comfortable, and they functioned even better. The sound was great, very crisp and multidimensional. According […]


The New Fashion Diet
This inventive carafe is a zero-calorie culinary experience used to inhale flavor like smelling wine. Sip sinful delicacies guilt-free through the specially designed straw. David Edwards, french gastro-scientist and inventor of breathable chocolate “le whif,” has teamed up with culinary designer Marc Bretillot to create this mysterious gastronomic globe. Created in Le Laboratorie in Paris, […]