Web Trend Map 2009
An Amazing overview of the internet - The Web Trend Map 2009 by the Information Architects (IA) gives you the 333 most influential web domains and the 111 most influential internet people onto the Tokyo Metro map. The height of a station refers to its traffic, revenue and trend. Its width represents the stability of the company behind the domain. If it is positioned on a main line then it is a classic site and so on. See full size Map Here [...]

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Hermes Contre Temps – Luxury E-Diary
Based on e-paper and flexible OLED technology, the Hermes Contre-Temps is a jewel of technology with a touch of luxury - Invented by French Designer Alexandre Fourn this luxury E-diary is just a concept for now, but hopefully Hermes will jump on the opportunity to make this happen, and please make the cover in leather, it will add even more a luxury touch...


Mercedes F-Cell Roadster, When High Tech Meet Traditions
Wednesday Mercedes has unveiled the F-CELL Roadster, the latest in their line of "F-Series" concept vehicles and as you'll see, it draws its inspiration from a diverse variety of automotive eras. The F-CELL Roadster is controlled with drive-by-wire technology, and a joystick takes the place of a conventional steering wheel. The [...]

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LaCie Usb Key
USB flash drives are great, but their small size also makes them easy to lose. Keep your mobile storage handy at all times with LaCie's new line of key storage. The itsaKey, iamaKey and PassKey USB Drives ($10 to$25) all feature a key ring-friendly design from 5.5 Designers, offering up to 8GB of storage on [...]

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Iphone Concept
The iphone is definitely a beautiful object of desire, that's why so many designer decided to create their own, with some new options : As you can see most of them have the front camera build in for video chat, few have keyboards. Its interesting to see some new cool design and its probably give a lot of idea to Apple.

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Amazon Kindle 2 – Ebook
The Amazon Kindle 2 or Ebook is a pretty amazing piece of technology. For $360 you have the future generation of books/magazines and blogs in your hands ! You dont need a wifi connection to access blogs, magazines or Newspapers everything goes 3G (No monthly wireless bills, data plans, or commitments. Amazon pays for Kindle's wireless connectivity) - You can also browse the web, listen to mp3 and [...]


Sony Vaio Marketing at Grand Central Station
For the launching of the Sony Vaio P Series notebooks, Sony has unleashed a brilliant marketing campaign in GRand Central Station, NY. To promote its VAIO line as lightweight and fashionable laptop they hired Models and partnered with six fashion designers to create outfits for models that pose as window mannequins. The real-life models use