Issey Miyake : 132 5. Collection
As you may know, Issey Miyake himself does not create Issey Miyake collections anymore for about 10 years now. But 2 years ago the man himself decided to come back at the head of a new line named 132 5. Working with the notion of science and his Reality Lab team, the Japanese stylist created […]


Ralph Lauren 4D Mapping Projection
A few days ago in New York for the celebration of 10 years of digital innovation, Ralph Lauren (.com) presented the ultimate fusion of art, fashion & technology in a awesome visual feast for the 5 senses. Watch as the New York women’s flagship store at 888 Madison Avenue disappears before your eyes and is […]


Self-Painting Dress by Anouk Wipprecht
Tech-Couture is getting more and more popular, after the “Instant Spray Clothing“, here is the Self-Painting Dress by Dutch haute-tech designer Anouk Wipprecht, developed by Pseudomorphs. The tech-dress is controlled by pumps ink which are slowly transforming the ink into display to create illusions around the body.


ReBaroque Speakers
You’ve all probably seen, at least once on the web, the famous Eames lounge chair customized as a boombox – Dj dream (see below). Well the designer Mikal Jessie Hameed and NY based designer artist Rebecca Paul created these beautiful, ReBaroque Speakers.


Flipboard x Trendland on Ipad
The team over at Flipboard, the amazing “personalized magazine” / Twitter reader Ipad application (free) put Trendland on their featured list! and it looks pretty damn Good! Since our iPad app is not yet completed you can enjoy Trendland through Flipboards streamlined viewing, for the time being.

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Seabird by Mozilla Labs
A little piece of technology in this fashion & art world, for showcasing the very futuristic ‘Seabird’ phone concept by Mozilla labs. For now its only a prototype, but as soon as it will hit the market, I’m dropping my Iphone for it in a second! Watch video below for a better understanding.


Pentax Nanoblock Camera
What a trendy little piece of technology! And of course its only available in Japan. Pentax has collaborated with Nano blocks, the Japanese Lego, to use their 8x8x5mm blocks as skins. There are four designs available: The Lion, The Camouflage, The Bicycle, and The Classic Camera.