Flipboard x Trendland on Ipad
The team over at Flipboard, the amazing “personalized magazine” / Twitter reader Ipad application (free) put Trendland on their featured list! and it looks pretty damn Good! Since our iPad app is not yet completed you can enjoy Trendland through Flipboards streamlined viewing, for the time being.

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Seabird by Mozilla Labs
A little piece of technology in this fashion & art world, for showcasing the very futuristic ‘Seabird’ phone concept by Mozilla labs. For now its only a prototype, but as soon as it will hit the market, I’m dropping my Iphone for it in a second! Watch video below for a better understanding.


Pentax Nanoblock Camera
What a trendy little piece of technology! And of course its only available in Japan. Pentax has collaborated with Nano blocks, the Japanese Lego, to use their 8x8x5mm blocks as skins. There are four designs available: The Lion, The Camouflage, The Bicycle, and The Classic Camera.

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“Le Kiosk” Ipad app for Hotel Guest Only
I haven’t heard of something similar for American Hotel groups, have you? Following the European launch of Apple’s iPad, French luxury hotel chain Sofitel launched an iPad newspaper application service for guests, called “Le Kiosk”. There’s an App for that…

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MoMa Museum goes Iphone
Finally a Museum that launches a (free) App ! The Museum of Modern Art in New York is home to the world’s finest collection of modern and contemporary art. Now you can carry MoMA on your Iphone with more than 32,000 art pieces wherever you go. Use the MoMA App to find out about current […]

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Digital DJ : The Future of Turntables
I came across this video, explaining a new technology for DJ’s, called the Multi Touch Light Table, built by Gregory Kaufman. This is so fascinating and futuristic! “The big difference with this one, as you can probably guess, is that it employs a gesture-based interface that lets you spin the virtual turntables and use a […]


Time Magazine for iPad
We all know that the iPad and other internet tablet are part of the future, and in 5 years from now, “more users will likely connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs”, said Imran Amed in an article for Business of Fashion. Old media needs to adapt and think forward. We already […]