Augmented Sculpture Installation
Golem is an installation using antic sculpture and video to create the uncanny feelings.


One pen, infinite possibilities by Vallée Duhamel
One lucky character sees his day transformed when his Samsung pen is transformed into a series of tools carrying him […]


BeoSound Moment Campaign by Philip Karlberg
The latest innovation from Bang & Olufsen is the intelligent and sociable music system that integrates your music collection and […]


Future of Food Experience
Design Duo Koz Susani have been working on bringing a new food concept to life that would transform the culture […]


Nanotak: Daydream V.4 Exhibition
Daydream is an audiovisual installation by Nanotak studio; Noemi Schipfer & Takami Nakamoto, which ended last month in Eindhoven, Netherlands.


Field London Delivers Digital Magic
Classmates at the School of Art and Design in Kessel, Germany, Marcus Wednt and Vera-Marie Glahn pioneered the digital art […]

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Better your Creative Process with Surface Create
As part of its new project #SurfaceCreate, Microsoft has put Surface Pro 3 to the test by partnering with Pan […]