Nanotak: Daydream V.4 Exhibition
Daydream is an audiovisual installation by Nanotak studio; Noemi Schipfer & Takami Nakamoto, which ended last month in Eindhoven, Netherlands.


Field London Delivers Digital Magic
Classmates at the School of Art and Design in Kessel, Germany, Marcus Wednt and Vera-Marie Glahn pioneered the digital art studio Field in 2009.

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Better your Creative Process with Surface Create
As part of its new project #SurfaceCreate, Microsoft has put Surface Pro 3 to the test by partnering with Pan Studio, Ditto Press and Studio Swine, all East London based creatives.


Soundcloud Headquarters in Berlin by Kinzo
The new headquarters of Soundcloud in Mitte, Berlin are a landmark of innovation and creativity.


Digital Desktop Clock Designs
TTMM is a designer collection of active desktop clocks. It turns your Mac into a stylishly artistic, powerfully aesthetic clock which looks like it’s come from the future.


World’s First Selfie Hat
A collaboration between Acer UK and Central Saint Martins fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis has made it easier to take a selfie as they recently launched the world’s first selfie-hat.


New App to try: Phhhoto
A new app that you should all enjoy, create animated Gifs in one snap! Introducing PHHHOTO, the next-generation camera app that shoots instant, moving pictures you can share with all your friends.