One pen, infinite possibilities by Vallée Duhamel
One lucky character sees his day transformed when his Samsung pen is transformed into a series of tools carrying him […]


BeoSound Moment Campaign by Philip Karlberg
The latest innovation from Bang & Olufsen is the intelligent and sociable music system that integrates your music collection and […]


Future of Food Experience
Design Duo Koz Susani have been working on bringing a new food concept to life that would transform the culture […]


Nanotak: Daydream V.4 Exhibition
Daydream is an audiovisual installation by Nanotak studio; Noemi Schipfer & Takami Nakamoto, which ended last month in Eindhoven, Netherlands.


Field London Delivers Digital Magic
Classmates at the School of Art and Design in Kessel, Germany, Marcus Wednt and Vera-Marie Glahn pioneered the digital art […]

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Better your Creative Process with Surface Create
As part of its new project #SurfaceCreate, Microsoft has put Surface Pro 3 to the test by partnering with Pan […]


Soundcloud Headquarters in Berlin by Kinzo
The new headquarters of Soundcloud in Mitte, Berlin are a landmark of innovation and creativity.