Liquid Simulation
This series of portfolio images originates from a project Recom Farmhouse did together with artist Tom Price, who asked them to do some liquid simulations for him. We ended up with some really beautiful shapes of liquid matter, which I thought to show in a different context than it was originally thought for.


The Making of Fashion’s First Ever 3D Lookbook
Tech and fashion merge anew in this exciting trailer for up and coming New York label, Chromat.


A Tech-Beauty Hybrid: Real-Time Face Mapping
Artist Nobumichi Asai’s takes his talents to the beauty industry. Typically known for his projection-mapping work transferring images to cars, buildings and other large scale objects, the artist plays with electronic makeup in this surrealistic video.


Vizualize your Dream Interior in 3D with Studio Aiko
Before anything, you need to know that what you are about to see are renderings! Probably some of the more refined and advanced 3D rendering I ever seen. Also known as Architecture visualization, these

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Urban Cage Project
Written by Ana Rita Ramos   Day after day, technology is increasingly an extension of ourselves, of our own body. It’s our constant companion that allows us to fly to all parts of the world and to stay in touch with everything that’s happening.


Interactive Room Separator
Industrial designer Yann Mathys won a Swiss Design Award for his Reverso “space separation system.” Appearing to be a mesh curtain, the room divider’s fish-like skin reacts to the touch of a palm gliding over it.