Rob Sato’s Curses Exhibition
Curses collects Rob Sato‘s latest adventures on paper, including his massive project Five Movements For Little Guys, a series of ten foot high watercolors where he set out to paint every single person he can remember. The figures are painted in miniature, and they migrate through five fantastical landscapes in a


The Worlds Most Intimate Martini Bar… In the back of a van!
The integrated branding agency Ragged Edge has created the The World’s Most Intimate Martini Bar, hidden inside a beautifully restored Citroen van. As part of an integrated campaign for Grey Goose vodka, the agency will launch the ‘Boulangerie François camionnette’ across a


Float Away
Iceland, that petite island nation in the North Atlantic, offers diverse experiences for tourists and locals alike. Their celebrated bathing culture, an attraction for both classes, is described in great detail in endless travelers’ logs.