Beer The Swedish Way

“Beer” at Spiritmuseum in Stockholm is an exhibit dedicated to the culture of making and drinking beer, with a focus on the…


Casa Cau Apartments

Casa Cau takes the concept of doing what makes one happy to heart and created a concept to whole-heartedly allow travelers to do just…


Find Your Inner Adult

The Society of Grownups is here to save millennials and teach them the tricks and trades of adulthood.


Growing Food on Toxic Waste

Livin Studio has collaborated with Utrecht University to develop a novel fungi food product grown on plastic waste, a prototype to grow…


The Thinking Music Player

Aether Cone, the thinking music player, is going to change the way you listen to music by removing screens and adding personality to…


Paris Generator Hostel

From Barcelona to Venice and Copenhagen, Generator Hostels are known for their sophisticated, design-forward properties.


Domestic Science

Cooking studio Aveqia and Tidskriften Rum Magazine created the concept Domestic Science for the 2015 Stockholm Design Week.