MOON is the Most Accurate Lunar Globe

Product designer Oscar Lhermitte with design studio Kudu are releasing the first topographically accurate lunar globe on kickstarter.


420 Special: High on Design

Surface magazine has commissioned from 12 of the top design firms a representation of an aspirational weed brand (essentially the ‘Starbu…


The Raindrop Cake

Inspired by traditional Japanese Mizu Shingen Mochi, The Raindrop Cake is the product of New York City–based chef Darren Wong,


Nike’s The Nature Of Motion

Nike is pairing up with ten contemporary designers to explore the nature of motion. Their exhibit, The Nature Of Motion, will take place …


Chim Chim Captures The Perfect Scent

Chim Chim is the new way to experience scent. Inspired by potpourri, Chim Chim is a scent diffuser that brings an upscale and high-end vi…