Have you thought about the perfect pose for your #selfie?
The word ‘Selfie’ has been elected as “word of the year” by the very serious Oxford dictionary. Celebrities, the US president, and even the Pope participate in this trend, by sharing their pictures on social media, facebook, pinterest, weibo, wechat, snapchat and almost anywhere else they can find. This phenomenon is so incredibly viral that


Konstantin Grcic “Panorama” Exhibition in Vitra Design Museum
In Weil am Rhein, Germany, the Vitra Design Museum hosts the exhibition of designer Konstantin Grcic. “Panorama” is a concept that explores the reunion of artistic and social relevance in design. The themes that are covered in this visual journey are new technologies, quality of life, sustainability, and some of the designer’s moments of utopia […]


Daniel Humm’s Fish And Chips Recipe
  Two things are the never ending quests in this life: the search for true love, and the search for the perfect fish and chips recipe. Luckily enough, we can check the latter off our list, because the search is no more: Chef Daniel Humm found it, and we are passing his wisdom over to […]