SELF SERVICE Magazine N°29

You know that we love as mush Magazines than blogs… So here is a Preview of one of our Favorite Fashion Magazine –


Larousse Dictionary by Lagerfeld

The new Larousse dictionary will be out the 4th of November, every year the ” Petit Larousse Illustré ” publish a l…


Tofer x Flaunt Issue 97

Flaunt Magazine does a beauty feature each month. For Issue 97 they invited our friend and client (PG – Plain Gravy), Tofer to brin…


Inspire Me, Now!

Inspire me, Now is a really fresh Tumbler Blog that posts about really cool design objects and concepts. Below are a few things I pulled …


Slimane shoots Ash for Vogue Japan

Vogue Hommes Japan hits newsstands with a bang. Hedi Slimane’s Samurai Fiction story is an electric mix of avant punk sensibility and tra…



You can now read your favorite online ( for free ) on Mygazines. The Magazines ar…

dotti- makeup artist

The Face Project

This is a brilliant project, called The Face Project, executed by make-up artist Dotti for Italian Vogue. Check out Dotti’s work on…


Bak Magazine

A fresh Digital Art Magazine I discovered yesterday.


POP Magazinge embraces Racial Diversity

It seems that other Designers and more importantly Editors are taking note with Katie Grand of Pop Magazine offering six different covers…

fashion 156 Street style

Fashion 156

Fashion 156 is a great website which covers almost all the bases of fashion. Founder Guy Hipwell is always on the search for new creativi…


CyanaBoutique is back

Sorry for the delay, we put back CyanaBoutique live, we still need to finish upload some products and doing some more work…


If you like Advertising

you like or Love advertising, you guys should check this website I believe in AD a cool blog about advertising, with a lot of information…


Arena Magazine (UK) – Next Stop Rio

Cougars, Convertibles and Bikini’s – what a combination! However, instead of heading down the atypical smutty men’s magazine route, this …


News on CyanaBoutique

If you went to our Online Shop at you maybe have noticed that we are under construction, We are now working on a better…

Special Drugs : BeKanye

IF you dont feel good in your life and you want everyone to smile at you and open you the doors like VIP, You should order the new drug p…