Mykromag – Black & white Goodness

Mykromag is great online magazine, very well edited and very Black & White! For this shoot, photographed by Paul Scala and styled by (Mykromag owner) Sonny Groo, they pulled Emilio de la Morena’s A/W 09, which is (normally) a really colorful and bright collection, and give them “the Mykromag treatment” (say Susie Bubble) – A beautiful black & white editorial! Great job guys !

Sex issue for Wallpaper by Malika Favre 2

Sex issue for Wallpaper

Sex is the theme of the July issue of Wallpaper. Malika Favre of Airside, redesign her Alphabunnies into some sexy pin-up alphabet. Malika did more than just redesign her alphabet, she draw a whole new set of letters. You can also buy the individual letters as a limited edition print.


Cold War Kids Get Interactive On Us

I got a tip from Mandrew one of our Song of the Day contributors, a few weeks ago to check this out and I am really glad I finally did because this…


Caroline’s Mode

We love our new generation of self proclaimed editors, and as far as anyone’s concerned many of these “amateurs” are getting a lot more exposure and praise than the 10 biggest household…


No Photoshop & Make-up in French Elle

Unsurprisingly, Monica Bellucci, Eva Herzigova, and Sophie Marceau still look pretty without any make-up or photoshop retouch. It’s also refreshing when a fashion magazine like French Elle decides to endorse your personal aesthetic philosophies.


Illustrated Magazine Covers

London based Artist John-Paul Thurlow is attempting to recreate cover art for every great magazine he owns (+ a few he wishes he owned). “It’s never a straight crib, the source magazines…



what + what = Who ?? is the concept of Fashematics, a simple equation trying to solve the runway problem, created by Trust Fun


Cool Sites for Typography Inspiration

Like Fashion, Design or Music, Typography have trend and there is a so much on the web about typography, so here some new and older cool website who reviewing Typography of all kind :

1st this newly launched site :


(Think of it as a FFFFound for all things type, typography & signage) – see also their big brother IloveTypography […]


Michel Gondry Website Launch

One of our favorite French directors, Michel Gondry launched his website yesterday : www.michelgondry.com – A mini online store, where you can buy his newly released DVD, a plenty of other goodies, like the ” Your Portrait Drawn by Michel Gondry” a simple sketch of you from any photo you will submit him by email =$20 – A cool gift idea…


Plaza Watch Magazine

If you are a watch lover, then you will Love PLAZA WATCH MAGAZINE a Swedish Fashion Glossy mag, published three times a year all about watches, with a beautiful and creative layout, Plaza Watch is also showcasing some amazing editorials like the Mierswa-Kluska story with a futuristic touch, or La Grande Bouffe story by Tomas Monka…The colorful and creative series was all about – as one could have imagined – watches…


Fashion Spotlight : Empire Records-Style Comeback

I loved this Fashion Spotlight from Elle portraying the hottest young stars in Empire Records-early 90’s style. It is always fun to channel the teenage style because there are no preconceptions of what works and what doesn’t so it gives the stylist the liberty to mix and match things you would not in other editorials. The teenage/over-layered style is often a large indicator of upcoming trends…


WAD Marathon : Day 4 – WAD Inhouse Directory

In their Dictionary Issue, Dec, Jan, Feb 08/09, WAD included a concept map of the WAD staff and their relationships to one and other. I have never seen this done by any publication. They have named, titled and comprised the contact of each person of the team including its Publisher, Bruno Collin and Creative Director, Brice Compagnon. I am sure they have already started to receive quite some reach-out from readers…


Web Trend Map 2009

An Amazing overview of the internet – The Web Trend Map 2009 by the Information Architects (IA) gives you the 333 most influential web domains and the 111 most influential internet people onto the Tokyo Metro map. The height of a station refers to its traffic, revenue and trend. Its width represents the stability of the company behind the domain. If it is positioned on a main line then it is a classic site and so on. See full size Map Here […]


WAD Marathon : Day 3 – Cover Art

WAD Magazine is the most exciting magazine to receive in the mail, and it all starts with the cover. If you were to remove the display text logo from the cover of every magazine, I can a guarantee you would have a very hard time differentiating one magazine from the next. WAD on the other hand could probably only be mistaken by a blind person…


WAD Marathon : Day 2 – Covergirls Editorial

In honor of their 10th anniversary WAD concepted a whole editorial recycling past covers of the magazine. I can see they pulled inspiration from Issey Miyake’s Pleats collection and from John Galliano’s over voluminous ball gowns. Original ideas take making a leap out of the box and WAD does this every time…


Celebrating 10 Years of WAD : The Marathon

In honor of the 10th anniversary of one of our all time favorite mags, Trendland has decided to do a 10-day-WAD-Marathon. WAD is an acronym for WE’AR DIFFERENT. The name which reads two ways is a fair self-proclaimed boast whether you catch the We-are-different or wear-different assertion first. The last and current issue of WAD …


Bikes and Women or Velovixens

Do you like Bikes ? Do you like Women ? If so then have a look to this cool forum Bikes Moves us – You can browse around on the forum if you only like Bikes…


Get Your Own Drum Set

Wow! Our friend and Song of the Day contributor Andrew Kahn of Media Arts Lab just put me onto this site and I think I’m almost done producing my first album. Its the most epic piece of work I have ever produced and you can do it too on Ron Winter’s Drum Set. This site can keep you entertained for hours, just wip out your Wacom and get clickin’…


Sweet GIFs

A funny website called Sweet Gifs with plenty of cool animated Gifs – To save them, right click on the picture and click view background image and its all yours 🙂 Enjoy


Just Watch the Sky

It is great to come up on a site every once in a awhile that strives to execute one simple goal. In a time when sites are swamped with all kinds of info and rarely organized with a sense of hierarchy to the point that you ill just sit there staring at your screen and not knowing what I am suppose to do, finding “Just Watch the Sky” was a real breathe of fresh air. This site brings together music and typography, what a brilliant combination!


The LOVE Magazine

A new magazine just came out from the Condé Nast publication : The Love Magazine – a 334 glossy pages published by the old team of Pop Magazine – Love is all…



ilovefake is a digital bi-monthly magazine mixing fashion, art and culture. Hailing from Amsterdam, ilovefake describe their audience as of a young age (16-40) opinion formers, with an interest in fashion, design and art. I stumbled across some pictures from the online mag on ffffound. The photos are inspirational and stylish, they work with accomplished artists and photographers…


Never Google Again

I just found the most beautiful search engine that makes Google look like a VHS Player. Check out SearchMe.com it looks just like Bridge for Mac (a program that sorts your files visually).


Naked People Website

Clothes are like a second skin, proof of a status, a group, a look or a society. The German project ‘ Naked People ” makes you think about the importance of your outfits and the image we portray once we are naked… Interesting…