Unleash your inner voyeur with Todd Selby
Todd Selby is an incredible photographer who goes inside the homes and studios of artists, designers and creative personalities and makes photo essays of their lives and belongings. He then gets them to answer some questions about themselves on a handwritten note which is then scanned in so the viewer learns more about the subject. If you have ever wanted to step inside the house of Peaches Geldof, or Mark 'The Cobrasnake', of writer Tom Wolfe, here is your chance. It is an amazing insight to the lives of these people, and it suddenly makes you feel incredibly comfortable with the mess and clutter in your own home. Satisfy your inner lifestyle voyeur and have a look at his website. These photos are from the studio and home of Pauline Forster and Toby Penrose at the George Tavern in London.


Numero Magazine Cover Collection
We compiled the entire cover collection of Numero Magazine over on Paper Mode - None of them are missing ! From the #1 to #105 - If you ever need to find a Numero cover now, you know where to find it ! Check them all here - Numero Covers Collection [...]


Alexander Wang Launches E-commerce Tomorrow
Alexander Wang launches his very own e-commerce tomorrow - and here is the preview of what the site will look like. Simple and clean, yet efficient, the site will sell only shoes, bags and tees. I like the design a lot (reminds me a lot of really cool UK online store 20ltd ), and thanks to Style.com we got the code to see it a day before everyone

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Vogue Autsralia 50th Anniversary Covers
Cate Blanchett will be illustrated by David Downton, in honor of Vogue Australia’s 50th anniversary, for the September 2009 issue. Interesting idea for the Vogue Franchise which is known for its cutting edge fashion photography... They report as well "a 30-page shoot with local supermodels Catherine McNeil and Abbey Lee. We can’t say too much more" Let's wait a month and we will know more about it...


NSFW – Vice Copy Sluts
I like the NSFW concept by Vice magazine: Copy Sluts - Vice, the king of sexy/kinky/trashy, perverted photography always comes up with some interesting concepts! I enjoyed this one thoroughly...


V Magazine issue 56
V Magazine is now offering their past issue as a digital magazine format. Here are some of my favorite editorials (especially Cat Powers by Ellen Von Unwerth) from their issue 56 – go here to see the magazine in its full version


Visionaire 56: Solar in Collaboration with Calvin Klein
My favorite Fashion & Art Book: Visionaire, just released their latest edition: Visionaire 56: Solar in Collaboration with Calvin Klein - This book is a piece of art in itself ! We reviewed a few of their past issues, and will probably do a on review on all their past issues soon... The Visionaire 56 issue is using the latest printing technology, you can enjoy the magazine ONLY in black & white, same for the cover with the all-white embroidery. Now walk outside and expose the issue to direct sunlight... The embroidery cover and all the photography inside transfers into color!