Montag├╝ Gastro Winebar’s Branding
Designed by studio Nhomada, the Mexico City based restaurant Montag├╝ is a Spanish-Mexican restaurant owned by the Chef Roger Weber, who collects experiences, flavors and


Watching The World Cup (.com)
Thanks to SiteInspire, I stumbled on this gorgeous website showcasing the photographic journey of Scottish photographer Jane Stockdale exploring crowds from all over Brazil during the World Cup 2014. Having also been there myself for almost the entire time, I can relate deeply to the words written by Damian Platt, explaining the feelings, vibes, moods […]


Breaking Down European Stereotypes
Who said infographics always have to be serious? For those who can take a joke, can be pretty satirical too. Information designer, Yanko Tsvetkov took 20 European stereotypes and sliced up Europe accordingly.


We See Beauty.com Redefines the Marketplace
We See Beauty does it right. Setting a new standard for the over saturated beauty industry, the for-benefit marketplace makes its point through artist collaborations and the empowerment of local communities through its products and ideas. This includes MAKE, We See Beauty’s first beauty brand,


TL talks with L’ArcoBaleno’s Ambra Medda
As the online platform has become an integral part of any and all industries, it’s fitting that the sphere of skillfully curated art find a place in the e-commerce world as well. And so, Ambra Medda, founder of Design Miami, brings us L’ArcoBaleno, a virtual space devoted to globally sourced collectible design.


Weekly Viral Report Card
Many of you can probably relate to our obsession with statistics. There is an ongoing unspoken competition in our office to see who has got the viral touch, and we decided to materialize this obsession into a ‘Weekly Viral Report’ that includes the top post on Trendland.com, the most repined images from our Pinterest, and […]