Ham On Wheel [Barcelona]

Spanish studio Form & Co designed the graphic identity of Ham on Wheels, a new concept restaurant  of premium fast-food, specializing…


The Wonders’ Taste by Francesca Fattori

The Wonders Taste was inspired by a René Magritte’s picture named “The Invisible’s Taste”.  Artist Francesca Fattori often take ins…


Foodie Dice

I am sure you have all stood in front the refrigerator with a blank look on your face before, wondering what to make for dinner. The sist…


Leeds Juicery Brand Identity

Juice is one of the trendiest markets right now, and design plays a huge part in making a brand successful in this crowded category.


Faux Foraging by James Tolich

It seems that foraging is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, alongside an exotic pine mushroom.


Chocolatexture by Nendo

Nendo, a Japanese design firm, made an outstanding and eye-catching project for Maison & Objet 2015. Looking into the possibility of…

Anahi Restaurant Paris_01

Anahi Restaurant in Paris

  The bursts of laughter next to the clinking of glasses is what you will find upon pushing open the door of Anahi, a mythical Argen…