Kristina Razueva’s Food Posters
Russian art director Kristina Razueva laid out these food posters, a nice mix of typefaces against full-bleed images.

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Drunken Scallops Ceviche
No fire necessary for this scallop recipe from Martin Morales’ cookbook, Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen. Diced chili adds the heat to this raw dish

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Creamy Avocado Pasta with Garlic Scape Pesto
    Though less popular in the home kitchen, garlic scapes lend just as much of a bite to food. Sprouting from the clove, these tentacle-shaped stems spice up your classic pesto sauce. 


Juice Truck Store & Product
Vancouver-based design agency Glasfurd & Walker has once again developed the concept and branding of the new Juice Truck Store. The interior design is an extension of The Juice Truck brand – brightly colored walls, fruit-inspired art and wallpaper with


Forbidden Fruits
Conceptual set designer Kyle Bean collaborated with photographer Aaron Tilley on a dark, tongue-in-cheek and gorgeous editorial for artsy food magazine The Gourmand.


food by color
FOODBYCOLOR To celebrate Midsummer, Swedish Cider Brand Rekorderlig partnered with Food by Color for the third edition of their event. The meal combined two almost opposing concepts—

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Mango Lassi Greek Yogurt Tarts With Almond Crust
What better way to bring the warmer weather, than a creamy mango lassi blend placed on a buttery almond crust? This delicious twist on the refreshing Indian classic transforms the beverage into a magical spiced treat.