Food, In Still Life
Melbourne-based photographer Sean Fennessy shoots for travel and design mags the likes of Afar to Wallpaper. His food series evokes their sense of quiet energy, framing artful compositions


Milo Ice Cream Cake
Most of us have childhood memories of Milo, the sweet, crunchy and slightly salty malt powder stirred into a glass of milk for a nutritious “energy drink.” Now this recipe for a Milo Ice Cream Cake, while not one might call ‘nutritious,’ is bound to make any kid at heart perk up. Inside layers of […]

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Portobello Gouda Kale Pesto Grilled Cheese
For a quick fix veggie delight check out this savory Portobello Gouda Kale Pesto Grilled Cheese recipe. Oozing with warm cheese and flavor it is sure to satisfy even a carnivores appetite.

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Ricotta and Sage Filled Beet Ravioli
  Whether you are big on color or just looking for creative new ways to use beets, this Ricotta and Sage Filled Beet Ravioli recipe is sure to inspire you. A beautiful dish to share


Unelefante Chocolates
UNELEFANTE is an online gift shop from Mexico that sells artful novelty items we would love to receive. Its founder, jewelry designer Tatiana Sanchez says, “We’re in the business of surprising people and making them smile.” Working with Mexican chocolatier Jorge Llanderal, she designed

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Fig Tartlets
Neither savory nor sweet, neither breakfast nor lunch, this Fig Tartlet recipe is a great little treat in between meals.

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Thai Tea Frappe
Thai Tea can be categorized as one of those things that has a bit of an acquired taste, but once your palette gets accustomed to it, you will definitely crave it every time you