Moving Food Series by Nora Luther and Pavel Becker
When the main topic is food styling, we’re always used to immediately observe a sophisticated and preciously confectioned dish before our eyes.


Food Styling by Kate S. Jordan
Food should always be about stories, memories and flavors, and Kate S. Jordan understands profoundly the meaning of the relation of food and the lives of people.


Fruitarian Shoes
Whoever said that you shouldn’t play with food, certainly hadn’t seen Ache Rodriguez‘s art project.

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Gourmet Fruit Salad
This delicately woodsy fruit salad recipe is perfect transition from summer to fall. The mix of citrus and sweet, crisp and tart and a melange of herbs makes this an easy gourmet dish to share with friends.

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Grain-free Zucchini Fritters with Roasted Garlic and Heirloom Tomato Compote
Who doesn’t love farm or garden fresh heirloom zucchini and tomatoes.

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5 Tips For an Awesome Seafood Chowder
Chowder sounds intimidating doesn’t it? As the summer air turns a bit cooler, cozy soups become more and more appealing. Use these tips by Food52 to concoct the ultimate seafood chowder.


Opso in London
Opso, the Greek word for “delicacy”, is one of Marylebone’s latest additions. Created in collaboration between the chefs Georgianna Hiliadaki and Hikos Roussos and the architects from  K-Studio, all from Athens, shows us refinement in Greek gastronomy, even in the English capital.