Eataipei Experimental Tasting Menu

To celebrate Taipei as the World Design Capital of 2016, multi-disciplinary designer Shikai Tseng teamed up with an architect Rain Wu and…


Food in Watercolour by Yum Tang

Beijing-based artist Yum Tang turns food craving into a poetic desire with a series of watercolors. From cherry tomatoes to ginger, small…

beedapest-luxury bee hotel

The World’s Poshest Insect Residence

Because they love Bees (and so are we), British company Taylors Tea created the world’s poshest insect residence: a luxury bee hotel, in …


Hedi Gh Gorgeous Cosmic Donuts

After the famous rainbow bagel in Brooklyn or the food of the rainbow project, the Iranian food creative Hedi Gh posted her cosmic donuts…


Jessica Stam Loves Muk Bang :)

“Muk Bang” is a tribute to the Korean movement, muk bang, in which a person eats massive quantities of food while being broadcasted via w…


420 Special: High on Design

Surface magazine has commissioned from 12 of the top design firms a representation of an aspirational weed brand (essentially the ‘Starbu…


The Raindrop Cake

Inspired by traditional Japanese Mizu Shingen Mochi, The Raindrop Cake is the product of New York City–based chef Darren Wong,