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Fast food at Persillé in Paris
Persillé in Paris, a new restaurant by David and Maxence, is keeping with the growing “butcher to table” trend we’re seeing pop up in NY (re: The Meat Hook in Brooklyn).


La Guingueta Beachside Bar Barcelona
Built this year, La Guingueta Beachside Bar & Restaurant in Barcelona, Spain was designed by Sandra Tarruella and her firm Sandra Tarruella Interioristas.


New Life to Food Waste by Kosuke Araki
Royal College of Art graduate Kosuke Araki has made a collection of bowls made of actual food waste from markets, shops and his own kitchen.


7 Best Chocolate Brands
/CASA BOSQUE/ Chocolate is a product of happiness and luxury. It’s for good reason that we crave chocolate when we’re down and give fine chocolates as gifts to loved ones.


Line Falck Food Photography
  Line Falck is a photographer who’s work will make your mouth water. Specialized in food photography, this Danish artist knows exactly what to do with a delicious meal before it gets consumed.


Isono and Vasco Eateries in Hong Kong by Joyce Wang
If you are Hong Kong bound, and seeking a unique culinary design experience you should put Isono and Vasco eateries, designed by Joyce Wang, on your list of places to visit.


Printed Food Magazine Concept
Firsthand culinary art at its best, Kim Anh Doan’s expresses her humility for food and its impact on the body and soul in her one-off printed project Away Magazine, which she explains in short as “a way to be away”.