Lily Allen for Chanel Handbag Ad Campaign
The first pics of Lily Allen's Chanel campaign have finally hit the web - As for the Chanel ads, the black and white shots show Lily looking distinctly Lagerfeld-like, wearing the designer's signature monochrome hues, fingerless gloves and neat tailoring. Her hair is styled into a neat chignon, and [...]


Cameron Diaz by Mario Testino for Vogue US
On the June 2009 VOGUE cover is the beautiful Cameron Diaz. the shoot was taken by Mario Testino. Not only […]


Brad Pitt for Wired Magazine
Brad Pitt's popping up unexpectedly on the cover of the upcoming issue of Wired Magazine - The issue will feature an interview about the relationship between Brad and the Online World - Brad did once say he wasn't able to operate a computer [...]


Michael The King of Style
If there is something you cant deny about MJ is that his style was always on point -In the mid-1980s, he was a fresh representation of how a male pop singer could look: One glove, red pants, white socks, loafers, leather pants and plenty of badges and accessories as well as the infamous military [...]


Anti-Paparzzi Fashion Clutch
Ahah its the funniest thing I have seen in a long time ! Paris, Lindsey and the Olsen twins will Love this! Adam Harvey has created an Anti-paparazzi clutch - " Photos? No, thanks! In response to the rise of paparazzi Adam created an anti-paparazzi device that communicates the desire to NOT be photographed. When the device detects a camera flash it responds with another flash that obscures the photo. Building phase 3.0 in progress." I wish we could see the bags itself, but its still a genius idea that could blow up amongst the celebrities !!


Leaked: Madonna’s New Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign
This is the first leaked photo of Madonna for Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2009-2010 ad campaign shot by Steven Meisel of course ! and retouched obviouly by The Box. The Campaign consist of 7 pics that will be officially released in August. Stay tuned on TrendLand to see them first...


Artsy Tribute to Micheal Jackson !
A tribute to the king of pop in a artistic way,Web Designer Depot did a great compilation of artistic creations portraying Michael Jackson, created by various artists around the world. Here are my favorites, click on the pictures to go to the artist website