In Memory of DJ AM
Collage from Cobrasnake Famous spinner DJ AM was tragically found dead in his NYC apartment this week. In September of 2008, DJ AM and Barker nearly died while escaping the burning remains of their airplane. The two had planned to perform together for the first time since the crash at an event in Los Angeles […]


Can you guess who this is?
Can you guess who this is on the newest cover of YRB Magazine? Hint: She is on a TV show… She has been in Playboy…


Unleash your inner voyeur with Todd Selby
Todd Selby is an incredible photographer who goes inside the homes and studios of artists, designers and creative personalities and makes photo essays of their lives and belongings. He then gets them to answer some questions about themselves on a handwritten note which is then scanned in so the viewer learns more about the subject. If you have ever wanted to step inside the house of Peaches Geldof, or Mark 'The Cobrasnake', of writer Tom Wolfe, here is your chance. It is an amazing insight to the lives of these people, and it suddenly makes you feel incredibly comfortable with the mess and clutter in your own home. Satisfy your inner lifestyle voyeur and have a look at his website. These photos are from the studio and home of Pauline Forster and Toby Penrose at the George Tavern in London.


Promotional Shots for Amerie’s “In Love and War”
Checkout these new pictures from the album shoot for Amerie‘s new album “In Love and War”. The highly conceptualized shots which have roses and tigers capture the theme of being in a relationship. It’s new to see artistic concepts being utilized in album shoots instead of the boring white or black backgrounds most artists use. […]


Sharon Stone Bares All for the Cover of Match Paris
Sharon Stone never fails to surprise us while in all making those surprises seem totally  normal. She makes posing on the cover of French Global News Magazine, Match Paris, seem like an average where about for a 50 + year old woman.


Armani Underwear Campaign : Beckhams Do It Again
And the Beckhams do it again! Another Armani Underwear Ad Campaign where they get to show off their hot bods and prove once again that they are THE hottest couple in the world! There is no confusion in the Armani marketing office that celebrities and sex sell. I mean I’m sure the idea of casting […]


Grace Jones at the Hollywood Bowl : The Diva Reborn
Last night was an epic night in my life. We went to see Grace Jones at the Hollywood Bowl and were obviously really excited to be the first in the US to see her perform after all these years. Jones took a 30-year-hiatus from making music, because according to her she had nothing to say. […]