Girls Just Want To Have Safe Sex!!

H&M and Designers Against Aids (DAA) have teamed up to fight aids with the new Fashion Against Aids Campaign once again. A new set o…


Green Has Never Been So Sexy

On the June 2009 VOGUE cover is the beautiful Cameron Diaz. the shoot was taken by Mario Testino. Not only Does she look gorgeous in the …


The Soft Side of a Sex Icon

These photos are breathtaking, they are from a LIFE exclusive called MARILYN: Never-Published Photos.  It included stories about the beau…


I’m a bee!

Check out this new song from the Black Eyed Peas’ . It’s been almost five years since their last album came out. In that time…


Ciara’s Love, Sex, and Magic

Although, her newest album Fantasy Ride, is set to debut at a dissapointing #3 with around only 80,000 copies sold


Jessica Biel Sexy Strip Dance

Wow Jessica Biel is sexy as hell in this video from upcoming movie Powder Blue – The Dance is sick, the music is sick and of course…


Paris Hilton meets Lady Gaga

Haha! I thought its was a pretty funny video, seeing Paris interview Lady Gaga at the launch of the Nokia 5800 Touch Phone. So how is you…