Ward Roberts: Courts
How pleased we were to receive Ward Robert’s new photo essay book Courts in the Trendland office recently. Showing his exemplary skills in composition and color, Ward Roberts traveled the globe from 2008 on, photographing tennis and basketball courts in Hong Kong, Melbourne, New York, Bali, and London. Inspired by the dynamic lines of the […]


Carnivor Cookbook by Michael Symon
Happy animals make better- tasting animals, I swear. Quality never comes cheaply, I know. “Meat-centric” celebrity chef Michael Symon released his latest cookbook today. Truly a meat lover’s handbook, “Michael Symon’s Carnivore” includes more than 100 essential recipes from all the meat groups. Each section of the book comes equipped with lessons on preferred cuts […]


A Portrait of Ice by Caleb Cain Marcus
For anyone who has never contemplated traveling to a place cold enough to turn stone into ice, Caleb Cain Marcus’ series ‘A Portrait of Ice’ will awaken the urge. The pristine images of grey and blue toned glaciers taken throughout the coldest corners of the globe are so deliciously enticing that even the most cold […]


Carine Roitfeld on Launching ‘CR Fashion Book’
A really refreshing video of Carine Roitfeld speaking to Charlotte Cowles, from The Cut, about her new baby ‘CR Fashion Book’ and the concept behind “Rebirth”, the issue title. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of working with her personally, this video captures her charm and authenticity perfectly. There are so many […]


Rankin Beauty Collaboration with Ayami Nishimura
Rankin is on his way to publish a trilogy of books ( the first one featuring work of Alex Box ) with various make up artists, this is a teaser on the second one, a collab of Rankin and Ayami Nishimura…


Martyn Thompson Interiors
Here is an overview of the wonderful pictures of Australian photographer Martyn Thompson. The pictures reviewed here are from Martyn’s book called ‘Interiors’. With an amazing eye for detail, color, texture, cinematic almost and focused on the atmosphere and feeling of the space, he shoots beautiful and


Exactitudes: A Photograph Series
Exactitudes is a photograph series, a book, and a “contraction of exact and attitude”. Coined by photographer Ari Versluis and profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek — collaborators since October 2004—Exactitudes‘ overall purpose has been such: to “systematically documents numerous identities over the last 16 years” in cities across the world. The duo does this by placing subjects […]