No Photoshop & Make-up in French Elle
Unsurprisingly, Monica Bellucci, Eva Herzigova, and Sophie Marceau still look pretty without any make-up or photoshop retouch. It's also refreshing when a fashion magazine like French Elle decides to endorse your personal aesthetic philosophies.


Illustrated Magazine Covers
London based Artist John-Paul Thurlow is attempting to recreate cover art for every great magazine he owns (+ a few […]


Plaza Watch Magazine
If you are a watch lover, then you will Love PLAZA WATCH MAGAZINE a Swedish Fashion Glossy mag, published three times a year all about watches, with a beautiful and creative layout, Plaza Watch is also showcasing some amazing editorials like the Mierswa-Kluska story with a futuristic touch, or La Grande Bouffe story by Tomas Monka...The colorful and creative series was all about – as one could have imagined – watches...


WAD Marathon : Day 4 – WAD Inhouse Directory
In their Dictionary Issue, Dec, Jan, Feb 08/09, WAD included a concept map of the WAD staff and their relationships to one and other. I have never seen this done by any publication. They have named, titled and comprised the contact of each person of the team including its Publisher, Bruno Collin and Creative Director, Brice Compagnon. I am sure they have already started to receive quite some reach-out from readers...


WAD Marathon : Day 3 – Cover Art
WAD Magazine is the most exciting magazine to receive in the mail, and it all starts with the cover. If you were to remove the display text logo from the cover of every magazine, I can a guarantee you would have a very hard time differentiating one magazine from the next. WAD on the other hand could probably only be mistaken by a blind person...


WAD Marathon : Day 2 – Covergirls Editorial
In honor of their 10th anniversary WAD concepted a whole editorial recycling past covers of the magazine. I can see they pulled inspiration from Issey Miyake's Pleats collection and from John Galliano's over voluminous ball gowns. Original ideas take making a leap out of the box and WAD does this every time...


S Magazine – Sexy Fashion
The 'S' of S Magazine definitely stands for Sexy - Browsing thought the issues of the magazine, you only see sexiness & fashion my two favorite things ! Created in 2004 by 4 guys and a girl in Copenhagen . All of them from the Fashion World; After a long winter and [...]