Faces of Evil : Faces of a Terrifying Dictatorship
Using digital technology, graphic designer Hans Weishäupl has carefully reconstructed portraits of 13 dictators over the past 100 years. However, the photo montages, which measure 1.8 m x 2.3 m do not contain a single piece...


SELF SERVICE Magazine N°29
You know that we love as mush Magazines than blogs... So here is a Preview of one of our Favorite Fashion Magazine - Self Service - The N°29 Subject is: an investigation into the pursuit of “more than this,” an ever-expanding intuitive survey of our aesthetic and intellectual universe...


Tofer x Flaunt Issue 97
Flaunt Magazine does a beauty feature each month. For Issue 97 they invited our friend and client (PG – Plain Gravy), Tofer to bring his flavor to the book. A few weeks ago Flaunt sponsored “Vivid”, Tofer’s art opening at the Commissary Art Gallery showcasing all his newest works.


You can now read your favorite online ( for free ) on Mygazines. The Magazines are upload directly by the users and are displayed in Flash. Apparently the medias try to sue the site for author rights... to be followed


Bak Magazine
A fresh Digital Art Magazine I discovered yesterday. Bak Magazine is reviewing Fashion, Art, and a lot of really cool photography ! Check it out...


POP Magazinge embraces Racial Diversity
It seems that other Designers and more importantly Editors are taking note with Katie Grand of Pop Magazine offering six different covers for its Fall Issue; three covers will feature white models... More Covers after the jump


Arena Magazine (UK) – Next Stop Rio
Cougars, Convertibles and Bikini’s – what a combination! However, instead of heading down the atypical smutty men’s magazine route, this shoot is for the last issue of Arena Magazine. Mixing modern day swimwear styles with gladiator heels, the shoots styling is pretty glamorous! more pics after the jump