Amica Magazine gets a Facelift
Amica Magazine’s new editor-in-chief Cristina Lucchini has appointed creative agency Chandelier Creative to give the women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, originally launched in 1962, a complete facelift. Spearheaded by Senior Art Director Sean Huang, the goal is to engage and inspire the new generation of readers through highly visual imagery


Claire Duport’s Vodun Illustration Book
Italian publishing house Automatic Books just published a 24-page book of artist Claire Duport’s Voodoo inspired illustration and poems, called Vodun. In this limited edition 1 of 100 copies book Duport explores a very personal view and re-interpreting of a specific voodoo and the feeling that it triggers in her. “Poems seemed to me the best […]


Paperlux Deformable Cover For Novum Magazine
German Design studio Paperlux created this beautiful design and a unique deformable cover for Novum magazine. An awesome elaborate print job that you can discover on the making-of video showing the production process for this November Novum cover.


EAT! Design with Food
The “most delicious” design publication of 2012 celebrates design and art for, and from, what is edible. “EAT!” serves week by week inspiration in the form of delicious designs to whet your appetite; with 54 designers, artists and architects illuminating visual trends and special designs from the area of food, drink and nutrition.


Fresh Magazine by Darigold Farms
Recently we were sent an issue of Fresh Magazine. I had never heard of it before, but it quickly drew me in. The magazine merges two worlds that we love at Trendland, Food and Photography. But perhaps what makes it most appealing is the concept behind this publication sponsored in full by Darigold Farms. Four […]


Ursus Wehrli’s The Art of Clean Up
Organizational skills aren’t usually something you look for in an artist, but in Ursus Wehrli‘s case, they’re definitely something of value. Famous for his “Tidying Up Art” books, which deliver deconstructions of the works of Van Gogh, Botticelli, Pollock, and many other masters, the Swiss artist and comedian is pushing his visual manifesto for a […]


Self Service Magazine Opens Archive
One of our favorite fashion magazine, Self Service recently opened their archive back to issue 1, the French luxury bi-annual magazine uploaded all their editorials on their site. No advertising, no articles, nor interviews, but every single editorial (without clothes credits), a pure