‘A New Type Of Imprint’ Is A Magazine On Nordic Living

‘A New Type of Imprint’ is a beautiful journal on Nordic living. The new issue is entirely dedicated to Finland and its creativity, featuring illustrations of Antti Kalevi, photogprahy of Osma Harvilahti…


To Sweden Through Dublin Book Branding By Studio Ahremark

“To Sweden Through Dublin” is a book designed by Gothenburg-based Studio Ahremark and a critique of Dublin Regulation. The politically-engaged publication features exceptionally sleek and colorful design, with minimal fonts and ultra-symmetrical…


The Gourmand issue 8 Returns for More Food Exploration

The Gourmand returns for their eighth issue with this delicious cover shot by the legendary Harry Peccinotti. The Issue 8 is inspired by entertaining and begins with chef James Loks recalling the…


Good Sport is a Refreshing New Sport Magazine

Good Sport Magazine Issue 01 did extremely well, selling out within a few months and being timed perfectly with the rise of Ben Simmons, the magazine continues to redefine sports reportage and journalism…


The Iconic Covers of Nest Magazine

Nest magazine was a New York based interior design magazine that ran from 1997 to 2004 founded by designer Joseph Holtzman. The magazines style composed of non-traditional eccentric interiors and intricate graphic…


Future Perfect: The Tale of Tomorrow

The architecture of the future envisioned by the masters of the past. The great visionary designs of the twentieth century collected in the book The Tale of Tomorrow, published by Gestalten.


Popshot Magazine Launches Animated Cover

Popshot, an illustrated literary magazine, is bringing their Adventure Issue to life by launching their very own animated cover. The magazine features flash fiction, short stories and poetry, from literary new blood,…


Amazing Wabi Inspirations by Axel Vervoordt

Interior design guru Axel Vervoordt shares his latest inspirations for the home. Axel Vervoordt’s intense curiosity has fueled his work as an interior designer, spurring him to explore and draw inspiration from…


50 Vintage Ads: What Kind Of Men Read Playboy ?

In 1972, at its height, Playboy had a circulation of 7 million copies a month, and copies could be found in 18% of households. The New Yorker reported that almost 25% of college…


Greenterior: Plant Loving Creatives and Their Homes

If you love plants (and Interior) you have to get this book! Featuring 18 creative interiors from Antwerp to New York, who all have one thing common, namely, a passion for plants.…


Picture Perfect Architecture

Inspired from the Janta Mantar cosmic architectures, the book « Observatories » depicts images of buildings (or building fragments) staged then photographed by Noémie Goudal.


135 / Vintage 35mm Cameras & Photography

With a gorgeous editorial design, this limited edition 200 page reference book is only about vintage 35mm cameras and 35mm photography – Hand-finished in ILOTT studio in a limited edition of 35…


How We Live

How We Live Travel Journal & Interiors How We Live is an intimate photographic journal of designers’ and artists’ homes from around the world captured by interior photographer Marcia Prentice. Prentice traveled…

L’ADN Magazine Editorial Design

L’ADN is a quarterly magazine that reports on many different subjects, from trends and communications to anticipations.


Best Concept Stores Around the Globe

Shopkeepers Style & Architecture Above & cover: Lunettes Selection, Berlin STOREFRONT BUSINESSES AND THE FUTURE OF RETAIL Written by Jade Moyano Shopping isn’t what it used to be. At this point, everything can…

The Parisianer is all About the Cover

What an awesome project! Fans of the New Yorker will really enjoy this tribute project. Not as intellectual of course since it is only about the cover… The Parisianer was born with…


Ships from Above by Dirk Brömmel

Dirk Brömmel creates new perspectives with this extraordinary photo book: true to detail and photographed from above, ships become novel objects that want to be discovered and explored by the viewer.


Minimalissimo Magazine Project

Minimalissimo is passionate about minimalism in design. They strongly believe in Mies Van der Rohe’s words, “less is more”, and Dieter Rams’s ten principles for good design. That’s why after six years…


Seasonal Foods

This book is about celebrating the seasons through baking.


Geological Specimens for Cos Magazine

Since its launch in 2007 COS has produced a magazine each season as away to communicate with customers and provide them with a deeper insight into the brand, primarily as a way…


Danish DIY: Take Nature Home

“Take Nature Home” is a fascinating Danish book with several DIY inspirations and ideas revolving around nature.


5 Multidisciplinary Creatives Show Us Their Essential Tools

Today, Format Magazine has unveiled a revamped version of their publication. Seeking to explore the creative mind, the magazine features talented professionals, a part of the community and their work, alongside like-minded…


HESSIAN Magazine’s New Face

Graphic Designer Dylan McDonough has taken on the task of redesigning fashion magazine, HESSIAN.


Discovering Everyday City Life by Public Bus

The Bus Journal is a publication about discovering everyday city life by public bus. The project is self-initiated by Stuttgart-based designer and art director Sarah Le Donne.