Printed Food Magazine Concept
Firsthand culinary art at its best, Kim Anh Doan’s expresses her humility for food and its impact on the body and soul in her one-off printed project Away Magazine, which she explains in short as “a way to be away”.

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The Craft and the Makers: Tradition with Attitude
This new Gestalten book ‘The Craft and the Makers‘ showcases those driving craftsmanship’s comeback and a return to the authentic. They are

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The Rebirth of Paper & Print: An Interview with Paper Mag’s David Hershkovits
  In celebration of their 30th birthday, we sat down with Paper Magazine’s David Hershkovits to discuss their evolution from being a simple paper fold out to emerging as a top indie magazine

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From Roof to Table : Urban Farms in NY
Brooklyn based fine art photographer, Rob Stephenson was awarded the 2011 Photo Urbanism fellowship for his project and book ‘From Roof to Table‘ where he spent one year visiting over hundreds urban farms and gardens throughout five boroughs in New York City.


Le Livre Blanc by Anne-Sophie Pic
  If the Design Museum ever produced a cookbook, it would look like Anne-Sophie Pic’s latest collection of recipes, Le Livre Blanc. From the pure white front cover – with its title carved out in industrial- style font – to the silver-edged pages, this is a modern, striking cookbook, destined for coffee tables as well […]


Scott Caan’s Latest Book: Vanity
Martha Otero Gallery is pleased to present Scott Caan’s Vanity, an exhibition featuring photographs. Over the past decade, actor Scott Caan has quietly garnered a reputation as an…


Coffee Table Mags
In this day and age, anyone on Instagram will know that the inevitable shot of a well placed coffee mug, magazine and wooden countertop are bound to come up. Whether it’s the midst of finals, an early Sunday morning or