In a Color Chips World
Ad agency McKinney worked with client Sherwin Williams to explore a world made of color, literally. They  creating amazing, colorful campaigns (and sculptures) for print, web and tv. This multi-spot campaign, “Paint Chips” introduces


Boysen Paint Ad Campaign
After their amazing ‘Flowers’ campaign, Boysen paint ads are back and this time with animals, a jellyfish, a mantis and a snail are their latest stunning cgi print ads.


“For Shiny Surfaces” Ad Campaign
I’m a sucker for a good card concept and this ad campaign, “For Shiny Surfaces” does a great job executing it to promote a cleaning product. Polish award winning Ad Agency Change Integrated worked with illustrator Bartek Hass to create this great campaign.


Who is Patrizia? (Pepe) Campaign
No famous models or photographers for the Patrizia Pepe F/W 2010 Ad campaign. Instead the faces of models are covered with different accessories – mask, dog, balloons, boom-box, bags and other interesting attributes. The idea behind the campaign and the  mysterious Who Is Patrizia? slogan is


Martin Scorsese Directed Bleu de Chanel [AD]
How amazing is this short film (or ad) for the new Chanel fragrance: Bleu de Chanel, I love every seconds of this 1 minute ad, the lighting, the actors, the music…such a Scorsese!


Calgary Farmers’ Market Campaigns
I came across these two series of ad campaigns for Calgary Farmers’ Market. The clever ads were created by an independent advertising agency in Calgary called WAX. You should also take a look at their website and check out the “what we are doing” link (make sure to scroll around and click in to see). […]


Pictionary Ad Campaign
Awarded at the 2010 Wave Festival in Brazil, and at the 2010 Jade Festival in Antigua, the latest Pictionary print campaign shows a helicopter, a ship and a bear  as if designed by Pictionary players. Produced by Oglivy & Mather and directed by Colombian Art director Juan Jose Posada.