FieroAnimals Studio

Amazing CGI work by Russian digital artist Nikolai Kvartnikov and his Studio FieroAnimals blending photo compositing, 3D and illustrations working in the advertising industry his work is beautiful ! Colorful, bold, chaotic and futuristic worlds, robots, explosions and fairy’s his website showcased his work in a beautiful HD full screen view ! I like, I like !


Jimmy Choo 09 Campaign by Terry Richardson

The Autumn/Winter 09 Jimmy Choo campaign shot by Terry Richardson sees Angela Lindvall taking ona a more rocker chick persona whilst still maintaining the power and glamor of the Jimmy Choo woman. The campaign takes its cue from the Autumn Winter collection which is injected with the raw individuality of the rock starlet […]


Evian New TV commercial


More than 10 years after the infamous Evian Baby swimmer campaign by French advertising agency Euro RSCG – The new campaign just arrived ! Enjoy


PRADA: Standing On Line

The PRADA 2009 Spring/ Summer Ad campaign is stunning, According to VOGUE it was inspired by ” ancient stone bas-reliefs and a desire to return to basic emotional and physical dimensions in classical art and early culture”. It was shot by Steven Meisel.


Made to Move

Most of us know of Nastia Liukin as the Gold-medalist who made a bright pink leotard iconic. In this ad campaigne for Max Azria she has come leaps and bounds (excuse the pun) from that pink leotard.

The 2009 Spring line was inspired by modern dance and movenent. Nastia has the casual grace that matched the attitude of the collection perfectly.

See the rest of the gorgeous campaign photos and a video of the gymnast flipping through the air in these flowing masterpiece


Camel’s Subtle Campaign

A strange way to sell cigarettes, but so creative ! I just discovered Camel’s Subtle Campaign while browsing through Jan Steinhilber’s portfolio. I guess these ads have only been published in Europe – Made by Saatchi & Saatchi Italy


Mirror Mirror on the Wall… 2009 Lanvin Ad Campaign

Model Iselin Steiro seems to have a strange fondness for her reflection… I must admit, if I were dressed from head to toe in Lanvin gowns, there would be little stopping me from kissing my reflection as well.


Louis Vuitton Journeys [AD]

Some journey’s change mankind forever ! The beautiful  Louis Vuitton Journey’s ad campaign to mark the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon, Louis Vuitton is taking viewers on a…


Perrier (Melt) Ad Campaign

How cool is this the new Perrier Melt Ad Campaign !? Perrier has always been super creative for their campaigns. Working since the beginning with Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Paris Perrier has a really strong image and is definitely a refreshing drink ! Check below their TV Melt ad and a compilation of some of their best older ads…


Sex in the City by Oohtique is an online store that sells a range of sex toys, condoms and some sexy outfits… For their launching, they hired JWT Singapore, for creating them a guerrilla marketing campaign by tagging the city with various sexual positions to […]


Christian Louboutin Fall-Winter 08/09 Ad Campaign

Wow, how cool is the last Christian Louboutin Fall-Winter 08/09 Ad Campaign – Shot by amazing Photographer Peter Lippmann, styled by French Stylist Amandine Moine and Nicolas Menu did the creative direction for the campaign. A pure Baroque Fashion Campaign ! Enjoy the Full 10 images Campaign


Best Anti Smoking Ad Campaign

Advertising Agencies have gotten super creative to fight against the Tobacco Industry, here is some of the Best Anti Smocking Ad Campaign. I wish i could stop…


The Beer Goggles effect [ad]

Haha, ” The Beer Goggles effect ” ! Man I love advertising ! How creative some Agency are ! This Ad is for Ibrew-Coopers Beer: “Unlike regular-strength beers, Coopers Premium Light is a low 2.9% alcohol. The benefit of this low alcohol beer is that even after you’ve had a few, the effects are minimal. In fact, the “beer goggles” effect is only about 2.9% “


Audrey Tautou for Chanel No.5 Commercial

Here is the New commercial called ” Train de Nuit” ( night train ) featuring the New Coco Chanel French actress Audrey Tautou. Directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet (Amelie, Alien 4), the commercial was shot in the famous Orient Express. I love the mix of old movie feeling and new technology with the beautiful Leica M8. …


Koen Demuynck Digital Artist / Photographer

Belgian photographer/digital artist Koen Demuynck mainly working in the Advertising Industry, I really like his style. Each of his works is full of interesting details and surreal-like, combined beautifully with weird ideas. See more of his work here


Benedict Campbell Photography

With more than 20 years experience in advertising, as a photographer, Benedict Campbell has produced images for many of the worlds leading brands. The Future is his Mojo ! He is known for combining his skills as photographer & digital illustrations to create some amazing Hyper-real images.


Lacoste Red says, “Let’s Dance!”

I love Lacoste Red’s current campaign! The concept is fresh, interactive, well branded, and extremely well executed. The stop motion video shown here is so clean in its outfit transition, I couldn’t stop watching to see what the next would be. They have made the entire campaign accessible on the Lacoste Red Website allowing visitors to download the wallpapers to their desktop or iPhone…


Marketing Fued at its Finest

Apparently Audi has had this billboard advertising the new A4 up for months on Santa Monica Blvd in L.A. The ad challenges BMW with an image of the new A4 and the pull-out, “Your move, BMW.” I know that comparison advertising can be very impactful, usually because its easy to remember the negative connotations, but the joke is usually on the antagonist, as seen here…


Monopoly | Own it all [ad]

The Monopoly board game, has a colorful print advertising campaign developed in Germany, using the tag line, “Own it all”. Four photographs of actual properties, washed in green and red, show 124 Mediterranean Avenue and 74 Baltic Avenue (the two cheapest properties on the board), 807 Boardwalk and 153 Pennsylvania Avenue (two of the most expensive on the board). Pretty cool !


Samsung Washing Machine Ad

” Nothing stays on clothes at a 1300RPM spin speed. I wonder why the color of the clothes is still so bright and clear? ” I love these ads, how visual and clever! This ad campaign was done by FP7 Doha, Qatar based creative agency to illustrate the strength and value of this model of the Samsung washing machine. The funny part is, I saw some comments on this ad campaign from a guy who lives in Dubai and is very frustrated because after seeing the Ad, he went to purchase the machine and they said it was only produced for the US market….


Electric Art – Retouching Agency

Electric Art is a retouching studio based in Sydney. Established in 1993, from a partnership between Managing Director Jonathon Eadie and Creative Director Bruce Bigelow. While the core of their business is Creative Retouching they have expanded to include a 3D department that produces entire campaigns all in the realm of ‘virtual photography’…


Troyt Coburn for Lee Advertising

Enjoy the creative effort of Troyt Coburn’s portfolio. From the fluidity of his shoot for Lee Jean’s beautiful advertising campaign, to more traditional location catalogs and in-studio work, Troyt Coburn has a sense of the dramatic without sacrificing the display of the fashions […]


Brawndo: Killer straws [Ad]

Fully loaded with caffeine “ Brawndo energy drink new Ad campaign is trying to sell energy drinks with weapons and war symbols ? why not?


Mac Cosmetics and Hello Kitty Advertising

A mix Between David Lachapelle and Alice in Wonderland – When Hello Kitty, the worlds cutest fashion muse, steps over to the wild side anything could happen and it does! Check out the latest advertisement brought to you by MAC cosmetics – [via]


Sony Vaio Marketing at Grand Central Station

For the launching of the Sony Vaio P Series notebooks, Sony has unleashed a brilliant marketing campaign in GRand Central Station, NY. To promote its VAIO line as lightweight and fashionable laptop they hired Models and partnered with six fashion designers to create outfits for models that pose as window mannequins. The real-life models use


Superbowl Commercial 2009 Review

For this year 2009 the cost of the Superbowl ads was average $3 Millions per 30 sec. spot – This year ads was reflective of the economic downturn, many were not well received by the viewers, critics decide ‘the game was better than the ads‘ – With few new ads type like the LifeWater with the 3D glasses ad and Miller with the 1sec commercial […]