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France is in the Air

You may have noticed some peculiar images circulating with Air France written all over them, well here is a bit more about them. Seems like “France is in the Air” is Air…


Have you thought about the perfect pose for your #selfie?

The word ‘Selfie’ has been elected as “word of the year” by the very serious Oxford dictionary. Celebrities, the US president, and even the Pope participate in this trend, by sharing their…


Leo Burnett’s Currency Campaign

Maybe you cater to the emerging thought point that the world would be better to do away with currency, and the systemic collapse of drachma, lira, pesos, pounds, dollars, is the starting…


Karl Lagerfeld photographs Cassina

Fashion designers are often good at many different things like designing, styling, draping, sewing, and illustrating, but perhaps one of the most important things that must be learned is the ability to…