Cruise the Amazon with Aqua Expeditions
The mention of the Amazon river conjures excitement, wonder, even fear. With a basin covering about 7,000,000 square kilometers, the idea of exploring any part of it is indeed overwhelming (more like mind blowing). Aqua Expeditions makes feasible the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the magnificent body of water.

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5 Tips For an Awesome Seafood Chowder
Chowder sounds intimidating doesn’t it? As the summer air turns a bit cooler, cozy soups become more and more appealing. Use these tips by Food52 to concoct the ultimate seafood chowder.


Opso in London
Opso, the Greek word for “delicacy”, is one of Marylebone’s latest additions. Created in collaboration between the chefs Georgianna Hiliadaki and Hikos Roussos and the architects from  K-Studio, all from Athens, shows us refinement in Greek gastronomy, even in the English capital.