Crystal Castles : Baptism

I’m a big fan of the duo.  Musical duos are especially good.  Sam & Dave, Hall & Oates, Outkast, and Simon & Garfunkel are some of my favorite artists ever.  Something about the dynamic of 2 people’s skill sets complimenting each other just works for me.  And when two people get together and create something on the same creative and mental wavelength, its magical.  Crystal Castles, is a duo from Ontario, Canada comprised of Alice Glass(vocals) and Ethan Kath(producer).  They are magical.

The duo have released their 2nd album, Crystal Castles (yup, the same name as the first album), on iTunes and the CD will be released on June 8th.  The album has the same grit and heavy distortion that the first album had and it is easily noticeable on the track, Baptism.  The song begins with a heavy house-like beat that is quickly replaced by one of the band’s staple chip-tune beats.  Then Alice chimes in and screams the almost unrecognizable lyrics with an echoing distortion.  It’s almost as if her lyrics are not the main part of the tune but her voice is just there as another instrument added onto the track.  This is a song that will definitely get your head bobbing and maybe even your hips shaking.  Be sure to check out the rest of the album because it is packed with amazing songs.  Enjoy!

Listen to “Baptism” Here

      2. 04 - Baptism

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