Crucifixion Group Show at Corey Helford Gallery

left, LOLA – “My Favorite Brush” acrylic and graphite on panel

Just in time for Christmas, Corey Helford Gallery is hosting group exhibition entitled, Crucifixion, featuring works from contemporary artists Ron English, LOLA, Nancy Fouts, Korin Faught, Victor Castillo, and many more.  The show is based on art history and the crucifixion of Christ, examining how an artist’s interpretation reveals cultural themes.  Jesus is, of course, one of the most lauded figures in art in the modern ages, and it’s always great to see a work that manages to be both reverent and irreverant at the same time.

Korin Faught “Shroud of Kurin” oil on wood panel

Victor Castillo “You Must Be Certain Of The Devil (This Is For Real)” acrylic on canvas

Buff Monster “He Melted For Our Sins” acrylic on wood

Candice Tripp – “Just Ignore Them and Keep Walking” Oil and ink on canvas

detail, Candice Tripp – “Just Ignore Them and Keep Walking” Oil and ink on canvas


On View Now at:

Corey Helford Gallery

8522 Washington Boulevard

Culver City, CA

(310) 287-2349

more info here



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