COVHERlab’s “Twentythree” Collection

COVHERlab’s collection “Twentythree” for A/W 2013 is a dimensional playground. Taking a clear distance from typical structures, the brand shows that we can still have fun with clothes even in a more disguised and more “adult” way. The color palette indicates that as well, ranging from deep blue, to various hues of grey, to dove, to white. The result could have been boring, but instead it is a clever interpretation of Marco Grisolia’s desire for what he pinpoints as, “dialogue between interior and exterior, between what is inside and then brought out and what is outside and penetrates the inside.” A sartorial peek-a-boo in ours. Cut-offs are created in such way that what lies underneath the clothes, will not necessarily stay hidden and will not be entirely exposed. Two-dimensional patterns and textures add a more playful twist in an already outstanding collection.

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