+ General Trend Reports
+ Customized Trend Reports
+ Trend Forecasting
+ Market Analysis

Trendland offers companies small and large trend reports related to the fashion, art, design and technology industries. We understand the importance of scale and elasticity in today’s economic environment and aim to provide clients with general as well as detailed, industry specific reports outlining trends, key drivers, human motivation, life cycles and economic opportunities in white space markets as it relates to their business. We work with clients to determine their individual needs and provide innovative insights to give their business the cutting edge.


+ Inspiration Boards
+ Look Books
+ Press Kits

Presentations are critical representations of any company or individual. Most people need to see to believe and more importantly to understand. Trendland enables clients to build up presentations, look-books, inspiration boards and press kits that help them tell their story visually and in a comprehensive way.


Photo/ Video / Web

Full service photo and video production from ideation to execution.
We specialize in:

+ Trend Videos
+ Branded Entertainment
+ Promos and Web content
+ Advertorials
+ Print and Advertising Campaigns


+ Social Media Strategy Development and Planning
+ Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare Integration
+ SEO Development

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