Color your Food with Food Finish


Want to impress your guests at a dinner party? Food Finish is great for that. Developed together with The Deli Garage and a small food factory, which supplies high-quality fine pastry shops with food coloring. Easy to use with the spray can and the result is bea......

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  • Val

    It looks ugly already seeing a roast chicken covered in gold paint…

  • Rachel

    Great. Spend more money developing crap like this that no one needs. What a waste of time and resources.

  • Harleyman

    why paint food?…what a dumbass….must be a euro trash loser.

  • Collier Hageman

    Worst new product I’ve seen.  It does not improve the appeal of the food.  In fact it makes it look horrifying.

  • Grahammers

     Could you please get your point across without swearing like a middle school student?  FYI, No one will take you seriously. 

  • Grahammers

    It looks pretty awesome.  It just doesn’t look appetizing regardless of what it’s made out of….  Even if it’s 100% safe, I’m not sure I would spray my turkey gold.  …just saying.

  • Val

    Totally disgusting…

  • Val

    the idea of painting your food is totally repulsive…

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  • Jihad123

    but he’s right…

  • Mbuemad

    Sorry to all of you who would like to call names at those who are a bit concerned by eating metal:

    Some of the microscopic metal in the just the gold product:
        Chemicals-   E555 =Potassium aluminium silicate (not good for your brain)
                             E171 = Titanium Dioxide (not good for your brain)
                             E172 = Iron Oxide (not good for your gut)

  • Phillipe

    So you never use aerosol cans, ever? Besides, I don’t imagine anybody would use this on a daily sandwich. It seems like it would be put to best use at a very swanky theme dinner. For instance, at the grand ball following the Oscar awards when all the actors and directors and producers and other talent sit down for a $1000/plate dinner, and the surroundings are over the top crazy riche – in a setting like that, I think gold-tipped asparagus would be amazingly cool. 

  • Lucille Marie Mckenzie

    Spray color on food is not a new thing. This is a poor example, but, you can do some really beautiful things with spray food coloring….Usually it’s done by airbrushing, but, you can also spray colored and tempered cocoa butter onto things to get a solid color finish.

    I think it’s probably the metallic-ness that makes it unappealing.

  • Eat5vegetables

    Sorry.  You fail here in you snide dismissal of her concerns regarding chemicals. 

    She means chemicals like Titanium Dioxide, Potassium aluminium silicate and Iron Oxide.  Both aluminum and titanium are on lists of metals that have significant evidence for harm to the brain.  If you have so little regard for your own health and trust the FDA so deeply that’s fine, but you might not want to be so sure that another’s concerns are unfounded.

  • Aaron McCormick

    You sound like a bit of and obnoxious, trolling prick, no doubt.  good job, kid.

  • Cornbread

    I’m glad you said something about that idiots comment.

  • Rumblepuns

    Do you feel better now?

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  • based god

    I think we’ve all grown.

  • Mmmmathers4

    I’d spray paint all sorts of food before I eat it, and between bites, so It’s all solid and ready for the next bite.

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  • Dr. Chimpenstein

    Haha! yes chemicals are BAD things only, there ain’t no good chemicals, nope. GOD made everything else, but not chemicals Ayyyuuuuuuuup! H’YUCK H’yuck h’yuck!

    In response to some anti-intellectual earlier poster. On the other hand, agreeing with her, I wouldn’t eat this spray on stuff either.

  • Sophisma

    You completely missed the point. EVERYTHING is chemicals. Water is H2O: Hydrogen and Oxygen. Ever hear about the “dihydrogen monoxide” hoax? Saying you don’t eat food with “chemicals” is the same as saying you don’t eat. Saying you don’t eat food with unhealthy additives would make a lot more sense.

  • Len

    Why not just use real gold flakes? I’m pretty sure that would impress friends more.

  • ilikenormalfood

    Just when I thought I’d seen all the stupid things, someone went and painted their pretzel silver.

  • Zoenkirby

    i cant believe that exists… kinda cool. but weird to eat. id rather take a pic of it instead of eating shiny cupcakes!!!

  • salobrena

     Pedantic until the end huh.

  • Arroganceblocker

    Emberix….  nobody cares what your “pet hates” are. She obviously meant the bad chemicals…. butane, propane, titanium dioxide…. duh! She even named a few for idiots like yourself.  Don’t ask people to update their terminology to suit your wants…. Instead, stop being the type of pompous prick that likes to prove at every opportunity that your more educated in the english department. I think the point she made blew your peon remark out of the water. And if you don’t see what’s wrong with putting that crap in your body, then eat up.

  • MMedved

    I think nature does a good job of coloring food just the color it should be. Why not do this? Because it’s disgusting. If I went to someone’s home and was served a metallic colored chicken, I would politely decline.  Not to mention the threat of potentially DANGEROUS chemicals.

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  • Doyouwantthisfish?

    Wow the gold chicken does look very sassy, great for a party! Or hell, just for a great photograph! For those worried about the ingredients I thought I would break it down using my chemical knowledge… in short they are all non-toxic and nothing to worry about but you are all right to be weary and just try and stick to the non-processed foods as any extra additives are harder to break down and don’t provide any added nutrition.

    Ethanol – Okay easy one, alcohol also used in perfumes etc. as carrier of the scent and often in sprays like deodorant. no biggie.

    Nitrous Oxide – laughing gas and a favourite in the fast and the furious. This with Isobutane and Propane are just propellants really – harmless in small quantities and yes you will have to spray a tonne in your mouth, Isobutane and Propane are hydrocarbons. These are carrier gases so they just evaporate off. 

    Potassium aluminium silicate – This is what gives it the shine, or muscovite mica is basically…. wait for it…. wait…keep waiting…. GLITTER!!! yup – that rock is what is used in glitters and you can put it on cakes etc. harmless. In fact it is also an anti-caking agent.

    Titanium dioxide – Q. Do you own anything white? Then it has Titanium dioxide in and is used in loads of things. Too many to mention but harmless.

    Iron Oxide – If you are anaemic eat the silver one! This is essentially what rust is but not only harmless but good for you as your body can use the megre amount of iron to make red blood cells haha.

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  • Rebecca Muench

    It’s hard to believe that something is edible when there are no pictures of people eating said thing. 

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  • Guest

    ANYone who thinks this isn’t going to be studied and deemed “harmful” and directly linked to causing cancer at some point in the future is a complete moron. 

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  • Flutterbang

    Chemicals: ”
    A compound or substance that has been purified or prepared, esp. artificially.”

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  • Amattan11

    cruise snooze brews 

  • Charleysheeniscool

    gotta impress my parents hmm…….SPRAY FOOD GOLD 

  • Priyanka Sharma

    Why would anyone want to eat Gold?

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  • aashleykketchum

    You’re saying other people are “anti-intellectual”, yet you say “god” made everything. Hahaha.

  • Robert Novich

    I’m aiming to become a professional cook…and this honestly horrifies me on every level. Spray paint your food? Even if the paint is food safe, its a very small step to use something like this to cover food that isn’t the best, and play it off as something beautiful.

    Plus, those color food finish mini cakes, that are being sprayed? If you’re coloring this, you could do it as part of the icing, not on top. That’s just laziness.

    Simply put, as a decor piece, or for an interesting piece for a place setting or center piece, this way it can still be eaten without being toxic.

    Otherwise? This seems like a way to cover something that’s bad food, and it creeps me out.

  • siri

    OMG this turned into a whole total food fight. Don’t those people who are so vicious in their comments below versed on class, manners, consideration? Who raised you? Why aren’t you embarrassed to allow this behavior to show to others? I’d be mortified if I behaved like that in a public place.

    What’s wrong with you people? Keep it civil, have some class.

  • DateDoctor Sean

    People, Sophisma is a troll. Let’s get back on topic. The second I saw this, I was immediately skeptical. To hear it has these elements in it further proves it (but watch the FDA approve it).