Color Morphology by André Britz


Written by Guest Blogger Anjali Soneji


Designer André Britz is one of three founders of Britzpetermann, a studio for design and code based in Bonn, Germany.While photographing colored fruits for an installation project, Britz realised how color coding and placement can easily affect one’s psychological interaction with vision.  Seeking to clarify and bring into balance emotions and senses, solid color coding simplifies a sophisticated emotion and brings us the “Color Morphology” series.  Using a visionary attitude of communication, Britz places bright attractive colors in front of opposite color backgrounds, creating a child-like experience for the viewer.  It’s graphic but subtle, simplistic but bold, and highly symmetrical to the naked eye.


“Very impressive how the changed colors are confusing our viewing habits.” – André Britz


André Britz britzpetermann color morphology DESIGN graphic design PHOTOGRAPHY

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