City Cab Poster by Mehmet Gozetlik


City Cab posters created by 29 years old Turkish art director Mehmet Gozetlik are about the different styles of taxicab’s in different ci......

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  • Howard Gibson

    I like the posters that show that cabs can be art for sure. Then check out Taxi TV in NYC this week, Sept 9th to 15th, where Amir Baradaran’s short videos on the life and action of a cab driver will make the scene. Although the yellow cab is a symbol of New York City, drivers are people who are not part of the beautiful people, and half of them are Muslims. Many live in neighborhoods such as Harlem, Jamaica, and Bedford-Stuyvesant, from which they go to their work in posh districts of downtown Manhattan. Baradaran used a hand-held camera to take some of the shots that will be heard around the world.