Chanel Paris-Édimbourg Metiers d’Art 2012/13 Show

Earlier this week, Karl Lagerfeld debuted his annual Metiers d’Art collection for Chanel at Scotland’s Linlithgow Palace. Just the stunning location itself is a spectacle (the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots in 1542), not to mention the arrays of beautiful clothing. The collection is Karl’s way of paying homage to Coco Chanel, taking Chanel’s classic designs to a fresh and modern level inspired by Scottish patterns. Staying true to Coco’s philosophy, this show not only glorified the tweeds and knits, but was also an “anti-stiletto” collection, noted Lagerfeld backstage. Mixing wools, tartan and plaids with lace and chiffon, the collection beautifully juxtaposed the past and the present. With this grand and memorable show, Chanel continues its rampage as a dominating force in the fashion world.

via Chanel News

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