Chandelier Creative Surf Shack in Montauk

If you are following us on Instagram, you already know where we are, but for those less versed in the Trendland universe, we’d like to introduce you to the awesome Chandelier Creative Surf Shack in Montauk. Last year NYC-based creative agency Chandelier Creative set up this surf shack here in Montauk for their staff, friends and clients offering a very authentic 70’s surfer vibe.

Walls are decorated with all kinds of art, from graphic posters to oil frescos of oceanscapes to quirky slogans that really set the tone, like  “depressingly awesome” and ” if you were a library book, i’d check you out”. The interior is an eclectic mix of all kids of furniture dressed in Pendleton blankets and Navajo printed throws. Each room is equipped with a surfboard designed in collaboration with Saturday’s Surf and a beach bag with everything you could need for your stay.

We really could not have imagined a more perfect scenario to pass this holiday break!

Ani and I just spent our 4th of July here with Chandelier founder Richard Christiansen and his boyfriend Jonathan Ferrantelli as well as Nima Abbasi and Janine Durham enjoying the fireworks and fish tacos freshly made from the fish we caught fishing, a couple hours earlier.

The Delicious Chandelier Surf Shack Honey made here from Richard’s beehives

Our 4th of July diner last night: Fish Tacos.

More information at & – Read as well the NY Times review

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