Cédric Charlier Resort 2014

Resort 2014, the Cédric Charlier collection offers something for everyone. We have thick boxy structures, with simplistic silhouettes and just the right amount of leather. Charlier also creates bursts of print with neon accents that are inspired by photography named ‘Another Africa’ by Jackie Nickerson. No wonder this designer has been a hit in retail store Barney’s with the perfect mix of high contemporary at prices that won’t cost us the world. Thank you Cédric Charlier, Can’t wait to get my wide mid calf tailored pant!

Written by Amy Tuckett


Cédric Charlier designers FASHION resort 2014
Amy Tuckett

Currently working as a Fashion Intern all around the globe from Florence to NYC, with a love of all things creative and inspiring.
Year Born: 1992
Location: London/NYC // How many hours a day are you on the web? 3
Best place to eat in your neighborhood: Jaiya- Amazing Thai!
Top 3 Places: Brooklyn Bridge, Barbados and My little seaside hometown Chichester, England
Next destination: India
Generation favorite: First Visit to Niagara Falls

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