CB: I Hate Perfume


Christopher Brosius has been creating specific scented landscapes for almost twenty years now. From his early days at Demeter Fragrance Library, then at Kiehl’s until the founding of his own line, CB I Hate Perfume, in 2004; Mr. B......

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  • http://www.thecrushedviolet.com Erin Miller

    Great article! I carry CB I Hate Perfume in my niche fragrance boutique (in downtown Lexington, Kentucky) because I have been a fan for the last several years. Such an amazing and unique line. It’s perfect for our diverse little city, and I highly suggest anyone, anywhere, who hasn’t tried these wonderfully strange scents do so as soon as possible.

  • http://trendland.com Cyril Foiret

    Erin, that sounds awesome! I cant wait to go check out his store!

  • http://boudoir.venice.it alessandro

    Same here. I carry Cb, since the opening 2009. I receive every often compliments from men and women… We can’t wait for every new fragrances and the chence to have custom blended scents again

  • TILLY.T.

    I wear In The Library everyday- i spend all my money on it. It has such important meaning to me- i don’t feel like myself if i don’t have it on!