Carli Davidson ‘Shake’ Series

Whoever said photography had to be boring, must see Carli Davidson’s new Shake series. Having worked in nature reserves, animal rescues and as a freelance photographer for Oregon Zoo – Davidson has used her passion for animals to seep through the camera lens. Why use humans, when animals make more endearing subjects to feature?


With a large portfolio starring a range of animals such as owls, disabled pets, snakes, mice, lions and domestic pets, Davidson has managed to capture the impossible. Whether behind glass screens, cages or a camera lens, Davidson’s work produces both the naturalistic and theatrical manner of the lovable creatures.

Davidson’s hilarious series of animals in mid- motion, aptly called Shake will be released this coming summer and is sure to be a hit. Featuring a variety of household animals performing trivial actions of shaking water off their fur or relieving themselves of an itch – Shake will definitely be causing some tremors in the audience too.

With a twitch there, an upraised ear, an angled head or a gaping mouth – Davidson has managed to capture the adorable qualities that certify that these animals are indeed man’s best friends.

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