Car Crush: Land Rover Defender Harris Tweed Edition by Kahn Design


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British car tuner Kahn Design has prepared another amazing custom version of the Defender but this time featuring Harris Tweed fabric inserts.
Afzal Kahn insists the road is his catwalk and true to his mantra, the iconic British designer has combined what can only be described as the “the Champagne of fabrics” we are talking about the only fabric in the world governed by its own *Act of Parliament: Harris Tweed – with a descendent of the all-terrain vehicle developed in 1947 on the 250-acre Anglesey farm of joint Rover MD Maurice Wilks: the iconic Defender… Love it!



  • Brian Caiazza

    so ni$$$$$e !

  • ? zachary ?

    yes please

  • craigaj

    boring – where is the harris tweed? a strip of ribbon in the seat?! hell, could have been brilliant with great harris tweed plaid seats and interior. for that matter, a great plaid exterior paint job… personally, missed the mark

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  • Siia109

    Well I would like to see the size of the driver for this rig – given that last picture has less than 6″ between the dash and the edge of the drivers seat and the pedals look even closer – is this for the Lollipop League?

Car Crush: Land Rover Defender Harris Tweed Edition by Kahn Design
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