Captain Planet: Lagos Speedway & Ram Ad Anifinitum

Captain Planet_Lagos Speedway

Where the American DJ known to his mother as Charlie Bethel comes from is a background of R&B-meets-African jazz and where he’s going is up. His dance track, “Lagos Speedway” gives Afro-Latin music a modern excitement. The spicy and exotic single is also featured on his debut full-length album release, Cookin Gumbo, which showcases his rare and worldly vinyl loops. The album even has inspired sounds of India, Japan and very spiritual vibes that would fit into your yoga class. So, why choose a spandex-wearing superhero as your soul funk moniker? Just ask him.

I care deeply about the planet’s dance floors and I want to protect them from eco-villains who think in dollar signs and study billboard charts to concoct pop-music-of-destruction. Captain Planet is summoned by the rhythmic powers combined: guaguanco, samba, diwali, taiko, funk. Ask Don Cheadle, he knows.

Let Captain Planet save your day.

Also, check out “Ram Ad Anifinitum” here

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