Bontempi ‘Menu’ Kitchen by Paola Navone

Whether she’s designing a rustic interior or super modern space, Interior Designer Paola Navone has amazing taste! Her Bontempi ‘Menu’ kitchen is a contemporary interpretation of the Italian cooking tradition. A kitchen where everything is straightforward, immediate and functional. With a large sink, a stylish hob, and plenty of storage space. The range includes a selection of traditional, functional and independent units with complementary accessories that resolve storage necessities.


‘Menu’ is made using simple and traditional kitchen materials: steel, marble, wood and bi-laminate in three colors: white, rope and sand – even doors with a metal mesh (“chicken wire”) treated and pressed onto a bi-laminate panel.

The large sink, ample hob, and plenty of storage space are enhanced by accessories designed and built to facilitate life in the kitchen: full-length rails to hang all your utensils on, roomy and easy to clean shelves to have everything you need in sight and within arm’s reach.

‘Menu’ is organized into functional units intended for cooking, washing, preparing and storing food and objects: each unit is independent and is fully functional on its own. They can be used in an existing kitchen or teamed with other units. Drawers and doors are fitted with large handles designed to allow a quick grip. Everything is devised for tasks to be easy and natural; ergonomic functionality is the added value and core focus of this project.

The fully-customized Bontempi Menu range by Paola Navone is available exclusively at Rogerseller. &

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