Bodies of Water: Open Rhythms

Listen to “Open Rhythms” here

      2. Bodies of Water_Open Rhythms


Bands come and go. Bodies of Water, however, is a newborn band reincarnated from its past life as a foursome including founding members, Jessie Conklin and Kyle Gladden who bowed out leaving the band to husband and wife pair, Meredith and David Metcalf . With the release of Twist Again, Bodies of Water was born again. While perfecting an intimate creative harmony, the couple rearranged their musical priorities based on a nonconformist sense of ripened sound. From this came a nuanced album, almost a year old, of drooping ebbs and flows of powerful rhythms and slow, sliding vocals.

“Open Rhythms” self-titles flawlessly as a tale-telling track for the album’s entirety. Slow, drawn out medley of strings and cool beats introduces Meredith’s lyrics with a lethargic, spirited delivery. Enjoy this pleasant ode to peaceful afternoons and natural surroundings.

 Singing out from behind the leaves, open rhythms.

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